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Finn's Nephew's Formal Escort

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Finn, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. OK. So, the pics are VERY slowly coming in.
    I'm busting arse to get video of the drop off.
    **obviously, Paint has helped "protect" the youngens.** :wink:


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  2. The pics are all over the shop and not in sequence. Sorry.

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  3. Goz gets the door

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  4. More to come as I get them.
    Thanks again to the boys that did this for me (for my Nephew).

    The kids will remember this for the rest of their lives.

    Well done Gents.
    Good Form.
    I.O.U. X1
  5. Ha ! A mate of mine lives in Blacktown :) Stayed with him recently for a couple of nights.
    I hope the previous car's leak isn't fuel !
    Awesome pics mate (y)
  6. Cheers Nickers
    I hope your mate at least showed you The Putty Rd while you were up here/out this way

    I thought the same about the fluid. I think it was from the Limo or stretch (pink) Hummer before it.

    What I'm really trying to get my hands on is the video of when we pulled up here (the last pic).
    The crowd gave us a really good reception.
  7. Dude,
    There was mention of the Putty Road and I begged and begged to see it, although I was advised to stay clear of it (being a Friday arvo ???) Must have been the fact my mate and his buddies mostly ride Harleys !!!
    Been to Sydney twice on the Gixxer...the journey alone fascinates me and doing 11.5hrs on a motorbike KILLS doing 9hrs in the pointy end of a passenger jet airliner during my overseas frequent travels.
    I was fortunate to ride Bells Rd (?) recently...that was nice but to date, NOTHING compares with the Great Alpine Road/Falls Creek/Hotham Heights twisties I rode ~ 1.5 mths ago !
    Doing the Black/Reefton Spurs as a regular spin in my neck of the woods is fun too, albeit heavily policed.
    Let you know when I'm next in Sydney - perhaps you can escort me to the infamous Putty Rd ?
  8. See! You're hanging out with the wrong crowd.
    Harley riders indeed.
    pfft sir! Pfft.

    Nickers, you're one of a handfull of interstate riders on NR that I'd like to meet and ride with.
    There's always a spare cot here for you brother (if you think you can survive my 2 & 5 y.o boys that is).

    Mate, I'd love to escort you to the Putty but, because I ride like an Old Mole, there's 100 other Sydney riders that would give you a good run on the "10 Mile".

    Bells Line of Road is beautiful, no doubt.

    Wifey and I were down in the Snowy Region last weekend.
    Awesome weekend.
    We might have to organise a meet up ride with our Southern Brethren.
    (similar, but different to the "NR Jindy ride" last year) *don't mean to rub fresh wounds for some*.
  9. Hahaha, yeah I know..what was I thinking, hanging around with Harley riders ! LOL (at least these ones nodded....haha !)
    Very kind gesture with the offer mate, not sure I'll fit in a cot though, dude ;) Kidding.
    I would very much like to meet and ride with you also and I must question something...'Old Mole' ??? I couldn't stop laughing when I first read that expression (y)
    Totally agree on organising an Interstate Netriders ride sometime in the future, that would be awesome.
    Cheers buddy.
  10. I love the "protecting kids" with all the helmets lol. They all have the same helmet as you... :eek:


    Wicked pics still waiting for the video!
  11. Yeah, that's my head. :grin:
    I love Paint.

    I'm still waiting for the video too. It's probably already on YouTube. :roll:
  12. I had to look twice at that 1st photo. I thought all the guys doing the escort were wearing suits! The I realised it was the kids with 'paint' helmets.

    What a wonderful memory for all involved hey.
  13. Great stuff mate - really enjoyed the evening :)
  14. Yeah I was pretty impressed with him honoring my request for 15 pieces.
  15. Did you upgrade from the 650 Finn? What you riding now?
  16. Hey Lilley,
    Yeah, that's my ZZR in the first pic with my Neph sitting on it.
    But he's in love with Goz's ride.
    He's got a pic of himself next to it as his wallpaper.

    I guess there's just no accountin' for taste. hehe
  17. Nickers, hit me up when your in Syd, i'll take you through Cabramatta for some asian camel delicousy :D

    Finn, your nephew knows whats good for him :)
  18. didnt even notice that oil leak on the day
  19. Nor did I.
    Glad no-one's foot found it as they dismounted. Ooh that would have been ugly.
  20. Out of all those bikes, he decides to go for the Yammy ?? Man, we gotta have a serious chat with the young lad !!!

    It was a good evening, hope they got plenty of attention with the entry :)