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Finn moto full lined 450gsm kevlar jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' started by asd-matt, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Matt here from finnmoto, any customers that have purchased our kevlar jeans can you please share your thoughts/experience with our jeans so others searching the net can get an unbiased opinion :)

  2. Hi Matt,

    Well I have been wearing your jeans for the last 3 and a half weeks, please keep in mind that this is also the first 3 and a half weeks I have been riding so not a lot to compare to.

    My thoughts are as follows in no particular order -

    Look; you cannot tell that they are not ordinary jeans because of the way you have lined them there is no stitching across the front or back of the legs. ( Lining goes all the way down to past your ankle)

    Fit; Nice and relaxed, waist is true to size.

    Comfort; We have had some quite hot and some moderate days over the last 3 weeks in Melbourne. On the bike they have been fine and have kept me warm on my 6.30 am ride into work. Perhaps a bit hot in the stop start traffic on the way home. Off the bike; okay in the office but on the plus 22 days they have been a bit hot to walk down the street in and would not want to be sitting in the sun for to long in them. That said for getting to work and wearing in the office all good.

    Knee armour; good quality CE approved and sit well on my leg when inserted, it is a bit of an issue to get it in and out and the only way i have manged to do it is by turning them inside out so not easy to get it out once you are at work. If I am missing something simple here please let me know.

    Only issue that I have at all and is a very small one is the lining tends to catch on the top of my boots when I pull them down after having put my boots on and requires some mucking around to get it right.

    All in all for the price I am very happy with them and the quality, would recommend them.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  3. Thanks Jeremy for the review :).

    temperature: this particular batch has 550gsm & 450gsm, next batch will have 450 all over. so this should make them a little lighter more tolerable for summer weather.

    knee armour: for now what your doing is right. I was going to make it a velcro out armour pocket, the velcro loops could irritate the knee and security of the fit might be questionable, so I chose the safer option. A seamstress could make this mod for you allowing you to take the knee armour off at work, to put back in you would have to take the pants off though.

    lining: Trick is grab the lower ankle area: back denim,kevlar,lining and pull/glide over shoe one leg at a time. (may need to point your foot to make it easier for material to go around shoe).
  4. Hi Matt,

    Welcome, thanks for the tips.

    I get changed into the suit Mon - Thurs so knee armour not an issue then it is just on Friday but I have dealt with that now by just leaving a pair of normal jeans at work as well as the suits etc.

    Would have to say that for me anyway the knee armour sits in exactly the right spot and does not move around at all.

    What else have you got planned?

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. Hi Jeremy,

    Im always developing new products. At the moment im following trends, things are too tight to experiment at the momet.

    For the pants:
    a cheaper version (strategic position similar to others), price around the $130/$150 mark, same weight kevlar etc.
    - More aggressive/young stylish look (matching colour seams to blend in)
    - styles/colours: darker blue and cargo style (full black, and maybe camo)

    The full lined version might get bumped up a bit eg $179 + postage.
    planned add ons:
    - uv & water resistance treatment (lasts about 20 washes then slowly looses it, can make it last longer but not quite sure if people would pay extra for 'water resistance'. (waterproof wouldn't breath unless you goretex it, you sort of need to order 100k worth of product to get there attention)
    - i may bring in full black aswell

    finally one that will be targeted towards emergency riders & instructors, still developing the ideas and looking into mixed materials. Pretty much it will be ohs compliant pair of pants for night/day. Will most like mix above ideas into one pant then go from there.

    if you have an idea or suggestion dont hesitate to message.
  6. Thanks for the info Matt.

    What I am really after is a pair of red Camos to go with Jacket and Bike but understand that this would probably be a small market hence why no one is doing them.

    Cheers Jeremy