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Finke Desert Race??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Griffo, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. So Myself and a couple buddies are thinking about doing the Finke Desert Race in 2014 was wondering if there is anyone out there that has done it or has anything to do with it that could give me some info and tips.

  2. never ridden in one but been to a few as I lived in the Alice.

    Get used to standing up for long periods. Your legs need to be solid shock absorbers as they will get more than a workout!

    It's about a 2 hr ride each way...flat out (about mid to high hundreds in km/hr). You'll need a lot of suspension spares and tyres as this is where many cars/bikes come undone. The track is very hard on suspension and tyres.

    Not really 'dusty' as such but very sandy. You'll also need to be aware that the track constantly changes. Sand, then rock, then corrugation, then back again...
  3. Hey Cheers for that yeah their website is fairly good with telling you what to expect and i have watched a load of videos from different parts of the course. I more wanting to know what riders from the non desert/ sandy areas do to train as this is going to be the biggest issue as all 3 of us have done next to no sand riding, also just the planning and logistics like is it worth our while to turn up there a week early and ride the area. With planning our stop after stage 1 in Aputula what should we have there ect ect

  4. its bloody hard work. gear tall, slow your rear shock rebound down alot and make sure you have a steering dampener. you want to be able to pull 170km/h on the sand.

    physically start training now if you want to do 2014 and get a good result, an indoor rower + usual free weights and alot of cardio. you want to be fit enough that you aren't worried about being too tired rather than whats coming up infront of you.

    pre-riding the course is exactly what you want to do. do it in sections. a week or more is a good start for pre riding. you don't want to be completely worn out before the race but you want to at least ridden the course there and back once or more.
  5. I haven't done it but the head mechanic at the bike dealership i used to work for is caleb auricht, he rides for desert edge honda and runs in the top 3 normally (except for when he broke his leg a few weeks before this years event). Basically he rides motorcross all the time to stay fit and trains pretty hard to maintain his physical fitness as well. As far as desert riding he tests out at alice before the event and also races the deep well motorcross (he won it this year) which i believe is in the same area. The main things i picked up from him is physical fitness will have a lot to do with your ability to push yourself to do the best you can, also im sure doing some riding in that kind of terrain would be of great benefit to you and also having a solid bike in good condition! Im sure a few guys here have done it and will be able to give some specifics
  6. Watch out for abo's...they're ususally fighting each other on the track!
  7. lol Are there time penalties if you hit one?
  8. Yeah this is going to be tough
  9. Yeah, the officials shave about 10minutes off your time per scalp! More if you back up & finish the job!

    Geez, that's a bit harsh!
  10. Ha ha ha