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Finially decided...xvs650...

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hey guys I've finally narrowed down to the bike I am going to get... xvs650!

    Now does anyone know how much it costs to enhance the exhaust pipes? I am going to buy it brand new and want to ask the dealer to enhance the pipes, roughly how much does this costs? does anyone know?

    Also what are the different kinds of enhanced exhaust can you get?

  2. Congrats on finding the right bike for yourself ...

    Did you manage to ride the other types of bikes ?

    What was the thing that swaded you towards the 650?

  3. It basically come down to the following:

    - weight
    - comfortable to sit
    - flat feet on the ground
    - easy to reach break/gears
    - looks awesome (love the mat finish)
    - 650 is enough power for me for now...

    can't wait to get it... (in 2-3 weeks)

    I've put my rego plate on hold at the RTA do you reckon the dealer would be able to register it with my number plate?
  4. Congrats..

    You will have to give your plate to the dealer. Then they can register it with that plate..
  5. Congrats. I picked mine up of eBay of all places. It's a 2005 model and a great bike. I don't have any experience on anything else as this is the first bike I have ever riden but I'm so glad I didn't go with a 250 as I was considering.

    Took me about 500 klms to get a good feel with it and now I can't wait to get on it. Hope you get as much out of yours.

    Let me know what pipes you end up with as I will need to do something with mine one day as they are standard.
  6. V-star 650 is the right choice! I had a similar selection process.

    I saw new 650 at dealers but couldn't see the difference in chrome finish. Maybe they all still has 2007 models. Are new ones really has different, mat finish starting 2008?
    Also apparently models since 2007 blinker has auto-cancelling. but not on my 2007 bike.
  7. Please keep in mind that with changes to the standard system you may imbalance this system due to a number of factors, such as less restricted cans therefore needs rejetting. Believe you should consult a good mechanic that can test your bike and advise on the right cans and/or the right settings/mapping.
    Where abouts do you live Mon??
    Us M109R owners group go to RC Motorcycle tuning 4/8 Cunningham Street Moorebank. 96029844. Had a chat with Rob from RC and he suggests prolly a 2into1 system...... Cobra, V&H... there are so many.
    Look around and also check these links
    with some info on exhaust mods they do to these bikes.

    Good luck
  8. mon_4u2c.
    hot tip...after market pipes are top value online from the USA.
    use a reputable online store (plenty of threads on this site about this very subject) ..and pay the extra for shipping.
    the set of pipes i wanted and purchased from the States arrived in 11 days for $660 Aussie. cost of same pipes purchased in Oz...1k..!! and were not available anywhere at the time..
    and the way the Aussie dollar is going atm...its even better value.
  9. congrats on your purchase.

    Did you get the classic or custom 650? What colour is the matt finish? Is it matt black?
  10. oh, and congrats on ya new bike!

    may it bring you many rides of joy and heart thumping fun!
  11. I was looking at one of these the other day...very nice.

    Congrats on the purchase :cool:
  12. 2-3 weeks !!! Excitement plus !! ... Nothing like riding a new bike for the first time ... Have fun :grin:

    Look forward to hearing the first ride review and some pics ...

  13. hey guys thanks all for your comments

    I'll be going to the dealers this weekend to see what they will do for my trade in etc... (either way I am still going to get it! lol)

    As for the pipes I might leave it until the first service and see what I can do about them then... I just basically want that loud sound happening...

    Does anyone know of any cruiser or clubs around the Liverpool NSW area?

    cheers and ride safe
  14. BUT keep in mind... the customs will charge everything over $ 1000.00 (AUD 999.99 ) that includes purchase price PLUS shipping costs.
    So be aware what and how much u order!!

    @ mon...
    Congrats to your final decision and the new bike.... Sorry to say but it will be the longest 2 / 3 weeks in youe life .
    Stay safe


  15. Just google.com.au .... There is s$itloads on the net


  16. Congrats Mon, its great to hear you've got the one you want, WELL DONE!

    The whole decision making process can be quite draining, so I'm sure you're now relieved and happy

    Stay safe
  17. Changed my mind....

    Hey guys

    Just an update...

    As you know I was really keen on purchasing the XV650 and before I did I had one more look around at all the cruiser style bikes out there - so I headed over to Fraser Motorcycles (Parra)

    As soon as I walked in and asked to look at a Sportster Low XL883 they said they had one just come in with only 2,000km on it 07 model still brand new... I took a look at it and to be honest it was LOVE at first sight!

    So today I am actually heading over to purchase it and sign all the papers for it - can't wait...

    I did look at this bike ages ago but they are really hard to get as all 07/08 models are currently sold out - so I am told by various HD dealers... anyway just by chance on the day I was able to purchase the XV650 they had one in stock! how lucky!

    Ride Safe everyone!

    Can't wait to get it - and it's 'white' in colour too so it really stands out...

  18. have you bought it yet?

    hey if you havent bought yet, my 650 is up for grabs, price might be ok for you if you are interested let me know, if you have bought congrats..
  19. So are you getting the 650 or the Harley??? either way, the cheapest way of improving the sound is to have the baffles removed from the standard exhaust. Simple enough to have done and rejetting of the carb(s) will be a must.

    Much cheaper than buying aftermarket pipes.
  20. I bought the harley Sportster XL883 - delivered this sat...