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Fingers crossed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. So the mechanic says my bike bits should *finally* be arriving today (apparently someone sent 3 sets of rings for an I4 - wtf?) and I should be up and running again in the next few days, after a month off the bike. Man, I hope there are no further delays, 'cos I'm *itching*. Definitely will go easy when I first jump back on though - even in this much time the skills can rust a bit, and I'd only been riding that particular bike for a few weeks when it died. And given how crap the rings/compression apparently was, it should be significantly more powerful when it comes back (just call this the 50,000 km top end rebuild).

  2. WOOHOOO!!!!

    So you're coming on the Think Pink Ride, aren't you!!!!!

  3. thats great news mate, geez you must be hanging to get back in the saddle, fark 4 weeks i am starting to get the shakes now and i have only been without mine now for almost 24hrs and not excepting to get her back till tomorrow.....damn services :LOL:
  4. I might just be able to do that, Carol. Still no absolute guarantee I'll have the bike back in time, but if I do I'm keen. Will keep an eye on the relevant thread for meeting places/times. I'll be on the red/maroon GSXF with a grey KBC helmet with graphics, and I'm about 5'8", 95 kg (brick outhouse!), short cropped hair.
  5. FFS! It's a week later, the head of the service department has left to start his own business, the bits only finally arrived yesterday, and they have a couple of services to do before they get to my bike, so probably next week now... Fingers are so crossed now that they're entwined around each other like vines. Ah well, hopefully the machine will be back and all sorted and ready to run for years, and with a fair bit more power, early next week and it will be 'au revoir' to public transport for me.

    Hint, guys: exclusivity and having only one of a very few of a particular model imported into the country is *not* a good thing. Next bike will be something there's a million of out there!
  6. Bummer, mate. Hope you get back out there soon! :beer:
  7. man that bites bravus mate! i guess having a 'rarer than vaerage' bike deosn't pay off sometimes :(

    i got my figners crossed for ya too. hope you can get back on ya bike soon!
  8. Woohoo! Finally got the call that my bike is ready to be picked up today. Only, like, 3 months later. Not blaming the mechanics - it's just been a massive pain to get bits for a rare bike. I knew when I bought it that that could bite me, but not how soon or how hard! I finally get to be a practicing rider again!

    I have the fairings at home - took 'em off before it went to the bike shop - so I'll be riding it home looking like a naked mongrel and putting it back together... but it should be purring like a kitten.
  9. yeay bravus!!! bout time mate :wink: not that you have to be told that. bet you're itching to ride her! just remember to take it easy. its been a whie for you so you'll have to get into the flow again. you gonna ride her this weekend for the bbq ride?? show off your shiny new(fixed) girl?
  10. Yep, definitely taking it easy. Probably on't make it to the ride, sadly - it's that time of the year when the wife's diary really does start to eat my life... ;)
  11. so you got rid of the spada did you, i was in the same boat, only it was for 3 months it was only a week and a half... how in the hell did you do it, got it back and straight home to put the fairings back on :LOL: