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Fingers crossed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RussellDP, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Well, here I am sitting at work on the last Friday before I go for my P Plates.

    This last few months has been amazing, but also incredibly frustrating and has made me think an awful lot about life.

    I have already learned SO much about riding, about care and maintenance of my bike, but also about the spirit of community that exists here on NetRider.

    I have had those inevitable moments of "Oh fcuk!" when I thought I may have over cooked a corner. But I learned from listening and reading everyones comments and watching a few video's ( Twist of the Wrist was excellent ) that my bike is certainly more capable than what I was at the time. I learned to not fix my sight on a potential issue, and to see my way around a problem.

    I learned to push the bars just that little bit harder to clean up the cornering lines.

    I learned how to ( and when to ) adjust my chain.

    I learned to analyse what went right, what went wrong, and why I did certain things. I have taken the attitude that I am primarily involved in the decisions that affect my safety on the road, so I try to position myself accordingly.

    I have felt the frustration of breaking down - a couple of times I ran out of fuel, other times it was just my own mistake ( a kill switch? go figure )

    You guys have been amazing on here, a few have reached out and said G'day outside the forums, I may not have said much on the forums etc but I have read a shit load, and love the passions that we share, the way people are able to offer good contructive advice, knowledge and skills.

    Now heres hoping the P Plate and vest go away this weekend!
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  2. And the learning will never stop RussellDPRussellDP ! You had some valuable lessons (both good and bad) in these few months of riding, you learnt from them and you became a better rider for it! And you did it all by your own trial and error, without mentoring. With such a brilliant attitude you will ace the test this Sunday. Thank goodness the temps will drop somewhat! All the very best, enjoy your test, go and get 'em tiger (y)
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  3. Forecast for Shepparton this Sunday is 40 degrees - possible shower. So will be a bit like riding in a sauna. Good times. Thanks Fr33dm for the kind words.
  4. Oh dear :nailbiting:... Good times indeed! You should've booked yours somewhere on the coast. Warrnambool? Cooler and would've made for a nice ride. You'll just have to roll with it! Thank goodness you don't need ATTGAT for the test, just long sleeved shirt, light gloves and sturdy shoes. But if you do ride your bike to the test in that heat, they should give you your licence on the spot (y). Good luck!
  5. all the best Russell, you'll be fine! (y)
    great post too!
  6. Good luck with your test!
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  7. The best of luck RussellDPRussellDP although I doubt you will need luck, you will be fine. Hopefully we will catch up on the longer overnighters soon. Have a think about the multi state meetup in March, Dates in my sig, Vic Labour day weekend.
  8. Good luck mate, not that you need it. Just relax and you'll be fine.\

    From my recent experience at this, it appears way more daunting than it is when you actually do it and I have anxiety issues.
  9. Good luck RussellDPRussellDP
    I did my Ps in 40+ but not humid just stinkin hot.
    Drink lots, wee lots and take a plastic bag with a damp washer along to place on the back of your neck etc.
    Freeze a drink bottle and pretend you are back in primary school ;)

    You'll be fine. Relax. Enjoy. :)
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  10. Thanks davidkdavidk
  11. Thank you JayteeJaytee
  12. Thank you cjvfrcjvfr. Whats the format for the multi state? Are there detailed posts that I could read?
  13. Thank you DonJuanDonJuan, yeah, I am sure I will be fine. I feel fairly confident on the bike, but as a depression / anxiety sufferer, sometimes the little doubts are there. I normally lose them at about 6500 rpm....:)
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  14. Sage advice indeed OldmaidOldmaid, duly noted
  15. Nothing for this year yet, one day up stay at a Hotel, one day ride around, BBQ at the hotel and then one day back. Generally we get NSW and Vic riders, no SA guys yet it is a bit of a hike for them. The link for the 2015 ride is:

    [Mar 7, 2015] The Second Not Very Annual Netrider Multi State Meetup. (NSW)
  16. Sounds like a possible. I will keep an eye out for more information as it comes
  17. Good luck mate. Its an oven out there today!
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  18. Hope all goes well...you will nail it :)
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  19. Belated good luck RussellDPRussellDP and really hope to hear some good news soon. :happy:
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  20. Here's hoping the lack of updates thus far is a sign that RussellDPRussellDP is far too busy riding around with his shiny new P plate :)
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