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Fingers are great

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Hondadude, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Fingers are great

    Fingers are great for picking your nose;
    They also are handy when connecting a hose

    Fingers are great for eating a pie;
    They are needed a lot for boot laces to tie

    Fingers are great for eating a cake;
    Or for stopping in a hurry, by applying the brake

    Fingers are great for make up to smear;
    And pulling that helmet down over your hair

    Fingers are great for scratching your arse;
    They also help signal others to pass

    Fingers are great for holding hands;
    Or adjusting cables, chains and or fans

    Fingers are great for lighting BBQ fires;
    But you’re buggered without them when changing your tyres.

    Fingers are great for holding a beer;
    And putting on your wet weather gear

    Fingers are great for this that and much;
    Are essential really to pull in the clutch

    Fingers are great for counting your money;
    But to lose them in an accident is really not funny

    Fingers are great so use them with pride
    But when riding a bike inside gloves they must hide

  2. Buuurrrrrp
  3. Not worth re-posting.
  4. I know a good use for fingers and things
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  5. One will be judged by ones peers, I love that about this place especially.
  6. Says Orinoco! shouldn't you be picking up trash, instead of trashing.
  7. One's
  8. Don't need clowns like you telling me what to wear when I ride.
    My ride, my choice.
  9. shouldn't you keep your childish nursery rhymes and propaganda to yourself?
  10. The ' key is missing on my keyboard, I had to draw that one in :)
  11. I actually liked it until the last line
    I could of made it a classic if I wrote it
  12. I see a u in **** ..... Maybe that's a bit strong ?

    One should ride with commonsense and not via the keyboard.

    If someone wants their arsehole welded to their elbow let them.
  13. So you think it is "OK" to ride without gloves. When and not if you lose your fingers at least then we will not have to listen to any more of your Orinociology
  14. What's new at NR ATGATT thread 99,000

    By #pinkhondaatgatt member 2 of a growing number of prius driving scooter inspired Honda riders.

    Love it
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  16. I am a man of my word and I did take my talent elsewhere and they liked it, and when I said good bye last night did I hang around waiting for you to hang up first.
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  17. So you had a tanty and then came back for more?

    You're my new favourite special friend.
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  18. Theme song ?
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  19. his fingers of course