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Fingerless gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mattb, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Interested if anybody's come off wearing fingerless gloves: I would imagine surely they don't provide all the protection needed, but if people are wearing them, and others producing them, then perhaps in fact - if not in abstract - they're ok? Of course people produce and wear those leather vests for Harley riders to expose their arms! Thoughts? Experiences?

  2. the fingerless gloves are great if fingers aren't important to you.......if you came off, and your palms were fine but you had no fingers left, would you regret not wearing full fingered gloves?

    and the leather vests are also great if you don't need arms

    sorry for being so pesimisstic(spelling?) but its true. i've come off before and regret i wasn't wearing protection. when i came off wearing protection i was so grateful. for your own good just wear the full deal!
  3. Please dont tell us the benchmark by which you set your level of safety is a harley rider. What do you ride?

    please? please..... dont even mention fingerless gloves and leather vests. I get all itchy from even the thought of those bits coming in contact with the road.
  4. Sorry didn't punctuate myself very well - I meant to imply that just because the thing's manufactured and used doesn't mean it's any good.

    No intention of riding fingerless (and thereby living fingerless), just been wondering...call it seeking empirical justification for my none too hard hypothesis. I was down at Apollo Bay last weekend watching all the bikes, and the bike gear which they rode from Melbourne in.

    I'm the proud rider of a thumpin' SR185. (Just graduated from three year's Postie school (Oh yeah, and the reason we Postie riders never nod is we get snobbed one too many times...please nod, we like it)).

  5. fingerless hands anyone?
  6. Fingerless gloves are just the ticket for the helmetless head
  7. Fingerless gloves are, IMHO, a similar sign of rebellion against sensible road laws as the vestigal helmets worn by the users of said gloves. Same can be said for leather waistcoats, fringed chaps and buckle-sided boots. All convey an image, but have next to no value in protection. Then again, of course, if you're tough and wear this sort of gear, you're not going to fall off anyway :LOL:
  8. If you're planning to wear gloves, get the fingered type - better all weather and abraision protection. If you're planning to occasionally dispense with gloves altogether, then at least get some fingerless ones, their better than nothing - and they make you look really tough :) (I used to cut the fingers of my wool winter gloves as a kid because it was soooo cool)

    Here's a tip: If you come off in fingerless gloves, try to make sure your hands don't contact the road - point them skywards at all time. Also avoid getting an arm pinned under your torso, as this may chew away at the bare skin on the fingers. A handy idea in the moments before any accident is slide your hands into your jacket pocket for protection. :]
  9. Hey don't go hanging sh!t on the chaps man.......Skuffy will have to rethink his wardrobe :LOL: :p :LOL:
    Oh and I wear a leather vest......Under my jacket (works as good as newspaper on a cold day)
  10. Actually fingerless gloves are probably a hell of a lot better protection than no gloves at all... since most often damage to the hands it primarily to the palms (yes I know not always).

    But personally if you are looking for cooler gloves for summer then I'd look at vented gloves rather than fingerless ones.
  11. I went back and had a look at my old gloves that I was wearing when came off a couple of years ago. Owing to the way I fell, the left glove was ripped off despite being securely fastened. I lost skin from the back of the hand but no finger damage. However the right hand palm and fingers badly scraped - the leather (double layer kangaroo skin) was almost scraped right through.

    Fingerless gloves would have cost me a lot more pain than I had.

  12. Fingerless gloves are actually a necessity on a Harley Davidson. Due to the propensity to shed small parts, nuts, bolts and screws with monotonous regularity the rider needs to keep his fingers free to pick up these droppings, and to grip the tools to put them back.