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Fingerless gloves

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by lucifer_mr2, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. So, who rides with them?

    I bought a pair because I felt like it. Sometimes do shortish cruises (200km max) without gloves (or jacket) and found I got a few blisters and such on my palms. Got a pair of Harley fingerless gloves while I was buying a new helmet, there's minimal markings on it and I do ride a Harley.

  2. Would love to, but can't quite get there. I need the tips of my fingers or I'm on the unemployment line! However the gloves I do wear are very thin.
  3. Plus there is the problem of wiping your own arse.

    Anyway, mine aren't for everyday riding. Just the occasional cruise or charity ride.
  4. Yeah, I wear Dririder fingerless sometimes...when the vest & open face lid come out to play as well.

    Depends how I'm feeling.
  5. :? I suppose someone's gotta ask..... why the farrk would you??:-s
  6. nah.
    i just think they look a bit Frankenfurter.
    whatever rows your boat though.
  7. no you don't. it's in the back of the shed waiting for you to fix it, like all harleys.
    you have to borrow your girlfriends bike to get around.
  8. Nothing wrong with that, it's matches my vest that looks more like a corset.

    Also, my Harley has been more reliable than my Suzuki.
  9. And another thing, beige cardigan wearers go drive your Camry.
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  10. seen a fellow club member come off in front of me with fingerless gloves and took tips of his fingers right off... so now i wear full leather gloves... not worth it for the cool look...
  11. I'd contemplated fingerless gloves until I was coming back from Melbourne and stopped at Macca's near Glenrowan. There was a bloke on a cruiser who looked 'stuck'.

    I went over and asked if he was alright, he said "look at me fingers, I can't move them and they hurt like hell". I took a look and they were bright red and starting to blister from sun/wind burn.

    That was enough to put me off them, except for short trips around town.
  12. i allways wear fingerless gloves in the hope that one day i will meet my dream girl.
  13. mmmm those cruiser chicks with the short hair and tatts up their fat necks, so hot
  14. I know. Love it when they get their tits out, then have to roll them back up to put them away.
  15. I know you, :angel:

    You realise you live in canberra one of the coldest places on the planet. stick to your full fingered gloves =D> even our summer didnt go past 30 degrees.

    We should ride soon, find some time for the snowies before winter!
  16. My fingerless are for when I don't want to wear gloves, but don't want blisters. Still have two pairs of other gloves, summer and winter, so now have 3 pairs.

    Hmmm, snowies loop runs are a fun day trip. May have to organise a run to there soon. Just need to make sure that people who go can do 600+km in a day. After my last run I had a few say that it was a long ride, it was only 130km.

    Saw you at at coffee, think I said hello (might not of, I can be a accidentally inconsiderate). Good to see the GS550F is back on the road, it'll be good when you can ride the R1.
  17. Used to when it was hot. Haven't recently, mainly because I haven't seen a pair whose quality I'd trust since my old ones wore out.

    As far as protection goes, my crashing experience suggests that, as long as your palms and outer edges of your hands are covered, the rest stands a decent chance of not touching down hard. Like all protective gear decisions it's an odds thing.
  18. Did a toy run once, gloves got wet before the return trip (3 hours) and the inside lining pulled inside out.

    Couldn't get the damn things on, so I just put them in my bag. Got home with sunburn on my hands.

    Full gloves for me :)
  19. I sed to wear fingerless gloves around town to save time putting them on and off. Since my hand had a decent gash from my crash last year i go full gloves all the time now. I'd hate to think what it would have been like in fingerless.
  20. Go with the assless chaps.

    And the half helmet, but i'll wear a bandana to cover up the rest of my face, where a full face ( full protection) helmet would be.