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N/A | National Fines Registry

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by 265chemic, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Might be interesting to see what fines people have received, who by, how much, what kind. So heres a registry. Ill start..

    In: Brisbane, QLD
    Details: Code 2048 "Cross Continuous Edge Line" - $80, no points.
    Dealt by: Officer V.M.Carman, reg 13331, station SB07B.
  2. not entirely sure about having the issuing officer's details. how about Vpol/Qpol/Npol/etc. and i have a few too many to remember them all over the last 12 years.
  3. How about adding some more detail of the location of the offence?
    Its always nice to know where the revenue officers hang out... :grin:
  4. Re: Fines Registry

    Is that crossing a single or double white line? I did not realize that was a no points offense?

    Demerit Point Schudule
  5. Was @ 8 mile plains, Pacific Motorway. Single white line, at edge of hwy (going to ride down outside)
  6. $220 fine for using a "handheld mobile device while driving"... even though I was stationary and in a car park! Go figure!

    Helps pay the governments pocket money I guess!

  7. So what do you hope to achieve by naming the officer?
  8. Fight it.
  9. Re: Fines Registry

    Well, pretty obvious he hates bikes then.
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  10. Enough replies could point to individual/s with a penchant for pettyness, bigotry, or downright discrimination against certain groups or types.
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  11. Was the bike running? Sometimes that can make a difference
  12. So even if the person who received the fine actually committed the offence and the officer is doing their job they get their name on the site? I would argue that that is petty. And as to the other point, if the officer works in an area where a high rate of a certain offence occurs such as burn outs, and the majority of the people performing the burn outs are from a particular ethnic group or groups he gets fingered as being racist or discriminatory, simply for doing his job and reacting to an issue.

    If that were the case and the officer is able to point to being named on this site as having a reaction to the way he performs his duties and he has had a psychological reaction, based on public perception, and he can prove that he was doing his job to the letter of the law, I could see it creating issues. It could also encourage officers to lower their level of tolerance as they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  13. There is a cop called Wilkinson who gives out most of the tickets on Mt. Nebo/Glorious. He's actually said his aim is to get every bike off that road. Nothing that can be done about this prick though.

    His latest plot is he rides (on a red unmarked BMW bike) very slowly where there are the double white lines and when you pass him - instant ticket.
  14. I beleive that there is a law against riding / driving to slow without a reason.

    I think it's about20 km/h under the limit
  15. I agree. It is petty and ineffective.

    Please only post the names of hot female police officers, and a link to their Facebook page, if possible, people.
  16. I'm inclined to agree with this. Poor form to name names unless there is a very good reason to do so.

    However I see no problem in publishing other details, most especially location. ie.

    'Driving (sic) in a bicycle lane", recent Wed afternoon, 5-ish, Wellington St Collingwood VIC. $80, no points. Guilty.
    (No, NOT right outside the VicPol communications complex.)
  17. I tried to fight it... I was in my van at the time and unfortunately the exact phrase of law states:

    300. Use of hand-held mobile phones
    (1) The driver of a vehicle (except an emergency vehicle or police vehicle) must
    not use a hand-held mobile phone while the vehicle is moving, or is stationary
    but not parked, unless the driver is exempt from this rule under subrule (3).
    Penalty: 2 penalty units.

    ...so yeah, because the engine was running and the handbrake was off I was stopped, but apparently I wasn't stopped enough.
  18. Damn that sucks.

    I have a really bad sense of direction and unless the navigator - aka wife - is in the car, if I am going somewhere new I normally end up pulling over to make a call.

    On the bike I just sit on it and call - unless hot day - better be careful.
  19. Not a single ticket on the bike.

    Plenty in the car in 3 different states , all speeding , all over a year old , all but one remain unpaid.

    Apparently a Sheriff from South Australia is coming to get me. He must have a slow horse , Ive moved house twice since his last threatening letter.
  20. $250 and 2 points (from memory)
    Fred Schonell drive heading toward UQ
    13-20 km/h over the limit