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VIC Fines received for sold bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stanga169, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. hope somebody can help or give advice . Last June i sold a bike last registered to my father in law . Was heading overseas 2 days after the sale for 6 weeks and forgot about it basically. About 10 -11 months ago he got a traffic infringement notice in the mail and rang me about when i actually sold it etc . My own stupidity i guess was that i never handed the plates into vic roads after the sale, never had official forms from vic roads etc. I had a recite of sale that we both signed which was sent into vicroads with a stat dec by me stating the sale took place on which date and such to fight the fine and nothing was heard of again until my father in law got a sherriff warrant thing in the mail last week. The new owner who i no longer have contact details of had told me that they had purchased a temp rego on bike to get it home . Surly Vic roads would have a record of this and would strengthen our fight? lesson has been learned well and truly . Dont trust anyone , and cover ur own ass first . I still have the plates if that helps . thanks . will be ringing Vic roads again first thing in the morning , hopefuly this time its sorted out for good

  2. The only suggestion I can make is - Follow the rules and you won't get pinged next time

    Selling or buying a registered vehicle

    Seller's responsibilities

    provide the buyer with a Certificate of Roadworthiness that is no more than 30 days old when the sale takes place
    fill in the 'seller' part of the Application for Transfer of Registration from [PDF 339KB, 5pp] with the buyer and keep a copy for their own records

    Buyer's responsibilities

    complete the 'buyer' part of the Application for Transfer of Registration form [PDF 339KB, 5 pp] submit the form, Certificate of Roadworthiness, receipt of sale, transfer fee and Motor Vehicle Duty (see Transfer and Motor Vehicle Duty fees) to VicRoads within 14 days of the sale
    Before purchasing a vehicle, buyers are advised to check the national Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) to see if there is any finance recorded against the vehicle and check that the vehicle does not have money owing on it, is not written-off or reported as stolen.

    When a vehicle is purchased from or sold to a dealer, the dealer will forward all requirements onto VicRoads.
  3. If you still have the plates (plate) how was the infringement recorded against that reg ?
  4. Or was the fine for no numberplate :-s 'n they got the details off the reg label.Don't know about Vic but NSW reg papers have a pretty clear warning that you can't rely on the buyer and you may be liable for any fine if you don't notify.I know this doesn't help your situ much.Good luck but you may have to cop it sweet if they won't accept a stat dec
  5. So you sent the receipt and the stat dec to Vicroads? Did Vicroads issue the fine? If not, did you send copies to the institution who issued the fine? Have you checked that those copies were received and actioned? I'd be starting there if I were you.
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  6. so if they haven't acknowledged that you sold it... i guess you still own it.

    tell them it must have been stolen and let them find it.
  7. There's an infringement in this mix so writing to Vicroads to correct the admin error doesn't change the infringement data. You have to deal with that part directly. At this stage, probably need to deal with it in court.
  8. So true ,if it means a strike against your Dad's license you better get that sorted. (are vic roads really that surly ? )
  9. thanks

    would this work ??? lol
  10. Don't do this.
  11. the fine was for a red light , vicroads tell us to ring traffic , traffic tell us to ring vic roads . in law is going to take it to court , here's hoping
  12. think i found your bike. send the fine to Nocturne.

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  13. If the fine was for a red light, how the f..k could they work out which bike it was if you kept the plate?
  14. he didn't KEEP the plate... he said he SHOULD have sent it to vicroads.... he left it on the bike obv.
  15. i still have the plate , somehow they got the same plates re issued my in law tells me , thats why we are pissed off , he didnt re register it , somehow they did under his name and got them . even with our muck ups in paperwork , how does one simply just re register a bike without showing id , they would have had to get a roadworthy etc, and thats almost 2 years after it was last registered
  16. traffic said they wont except the stat dec and recite of sale , they want to push it thru , fine now up in the 450 range with only 2 letters , one the original fine and now the sherrif thing , seems a lil steep i would have thought
  17. If the bike is registered then the seller should submit the Rego transfer papers to the RTA/Vicroads If bike is unregistered dont sell with plates on . Handing the rego papers to the buyer leaves you open to traffic/parking fines if the buyer does not transfer the registration promptly.
  18. bike was sold without plates , had not had rego for 2 years , i had moved it on a temp rego a couple of times between my place and the inlaws thats it , it never went in to the city he owned it , there were no rego papers to exchange , so how they got plates back on it is beyond me
  19. The issue is how/why identical replacement plates were issued when the new owner registered the vehicle and why those replacement plates were registered to your inlaws?!

    Traffic Camera Office will refer you to VicRoads and vice-versa because it's the easiest thing for them to do. With the limited information you have posted in this thread to date, it would seem an enforcement order has previously been made which was ignored and has resulted in a sheriffs warrant being issued to recover the debt. It is the sheriff's warrant that is empowering the sheriff to seize property or make an arrest, and this warrant is founded on the enforcement order. The enforcement order can be revoked by the Infringements Court at any time prior to the warrant being executed and prior to payment of money, seizure of goods or arrest of a person. You can apply for revocation of the enforcement order by completing the application form that is provided by the Infringements Court, or an application for revocation can be lodged through your lawyer.

    Unless you are more specific in what notices you have received, it is hard to determine exactly at what point along the enforcement process the matter is at.