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QLD Fines fines fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jlyon9, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. So after 3 1/2 years and i'd say 50,000+ kms, a LOT of which were spent splitting, i've finally copped my first fine for it.
    Jumped onto the western freeway this morning there was a truck in the left lane i merged in front of, pulled out to split and to the right of the truck was a bike cop. Pulled over and also gave me grief about my fender kit (which came with the bike + safety cert). So I also copped a fine for a 'defective vehicle' ($100) even though I explained thats how i bought it, with safety cert, only 2 months ago.
    The fine for splitting was written as 'fail to drive in marked lane' @ $80. I could live with $80 every 3 1/2 years if it means i can keep splitting and enjoying my motorcycle.

  2. $80 is cheap. Do you get points with that?
  3. haha i didnt ask and its not written on the ticket so will have to wait for the letter to check if that comes with my meal deal.
  4. fight the defective vehicle fine for sure man.
  5. Ouch! It's one of those things where things happen and you can't do anything about it.

  6. I don't think that qualifies as a valid excuse anymore than the fact that the law is idiotic in the first place.

    I don't know if you can go after whoever did the certificate for writing a dodgy certificate.

    though personally I'd prefer you didn't. I was quite pleased when I found someone to write my cert for getting re-registered when moving interstate without making me go through the hassle of refitting the stock fender and pipe. If they start getting in trouble for doing it they'll get harder to find.
  7. Don't worry mate I have no intention of fvcking things up for everyone else. If I do even write a letter I wont be pointing any fingers or going after anyone. It is a stupid law.
  8. Unlucky dude.

    Unfortunately the QLD safety certificate has nothing to do with those defects, only the majors e.g.do the brakes function. Gonna have to cop that one.
  9. Speaking of QLD, having just moved here... speed cameras... Signposted? Hidden? Mobile? Whats the scoop up here!?
  10. There are a couple around the SE corner that are fixed and marked, but generally they are in 4x4s, marked in such a way as to stand out like dogs unmentionables once you are alongside them, but looking entirely innocuous as you approach. There's a rule that they have to display a sign saying 'police radar' so some of them display it under the front bumper-bar, some in the passenger seat, some inside the boot which is shut...They move them around, but there are some spots they particularly like. Those usually happen on downhill grades, where the car can be parked completely hidden from approaching vehicles. They can be extremely sneaky. There is no one type or colour of car. It can be a falcon or c'dore, a corolla, a mito, a patrol or cruiser... I understand now they've also started subcontracting, and the cars with the private c*ckhead cameras are completely unmarked and you'll probably never see them unless they flash you. Oh, and some cameras flash - some have an infra-red flash, and some apparently don't flash at all. Some are approach cameras, some are departure - probably a bit more than half departure.

    In short - beware ANY car stopped on/beside the road. Anything over 10 years old is usually pretty safe, but even that isn't certain. It wasn't a camera, but I have been pulled up and booked by an XR6 Turbo with some non standard bits on it. I've been pulled up and almost booked by a purple rallyart 4x4 magna, with big alloys and rubber band tyres. I've also been pulled up and booked by a cop hiding behind his private car, stopped in the no-stopping zone in the Nundah tunnel. His car was an early '80s vintage red sigma.
  11. Ta mate.
    Yeah, everything is 20 years behind the times up here eh. Seriously, laminated licences still?
  12. shit, i thought NSW was bad :(
  13. Yeah, but the latest ones have a big brother chip in them, like the flash hole-in-the-wall cards. My new one came in the post a couple of days ago.

    Aza - the camera situation is much worse, but there's a reasonable margin for error. Usually 10%. And the number of cars actively involved in running around and booking people on the flimsiest of pretexts is highly variable. ie, sometimes they have a blitz on and there are plenty of them, sometimes it goes real quiet. But the camera's are usually out there. Watch out for double point weekends, and also watch out for a few days before them, and before big events like state of origin or river-fire. They seem to like to rake in a bit extra to cover all the overtime and the lost revenue when the force is busy doing what they should be doing and too busy to hang around booking grandmothers for jaywalking. Of course they don't have a quota system, and besides, while it never did exist, now it's been stopped. They told us.

    Look - I shouldn't take the p1ss too badly. Policing in Qld is massively different to what it was in the early ~ mid '80s. That was like a horror movie. It was so bad it was funny - as long as it wasn't you copping it at the time. They really were like the Hitler Youth. I honestly think the Fitzgerald Inquiry and the subsequent CJC are the best things to have happened to Qld in the last 100 years.
  14. All of them and more. Just down the road from where I am, there's been a speed camera attracted to the back of a large roadside sign for the last few months.
  15. i'm not going to be able to speed on my entire trip around australia :(
  16. Some places are more risky than others, but nowhere's safe, no.

    There used to be a sign as you drove onto the Nullarbor proper, to the effect that speeds would be checked from aircraft, and every few km there were a series of white lines on the road to time you over. Under that was maybe the best piece of graffiti I've ever seen. It said "PIGS IN SPACE!!"
  17. I got let off last week. Was coming down Moggill Rd past the Holden dealer and down to the lights before the freeway. Split to the front and stopped just over the stop bar to make sure I was ahead of the traffic. (Done this a million times before with no troubles).

    There was a bike cop with a speed gun on the inbound footpath who noticed me and did a fierce run over to stop me before the light went green. Warned me of the 3 points and $300 fine for entering an intersection and sent me on my way.

    Thing is, he was angry at the start but as soon as he saw the GoPro pointing at him and the little light flashing to say it was recording he changed tune.

    Might be worthwhile investing in a camera, just in case.
  18. If they ever seized mine...