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Fines and Loss of points too hefty for mobile phone use!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by damov, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Ok this is the situation I was traveling in peak hour in my cage after a huge day of work in the city last week at about 5kph and I got a phone call. I have a bluetoon hands free in my car but of all the times for it not too registered this was the time. So I picked up the phone thinking to myself oh well I am in a traffic jam you would have to be a complete moron to have an accident at this speed while on the phone.

    But running up the street was one of our friendly nsw cops. He pulled me over banking up the already congested traffic behind me to give me a $225 fine and the loss of 3 points!!!!!!!

    I did explain how the hands free didnt register but he didnt care. So I got the fine in the mail today and was completely shocked as to the severity of it. I am sorry but this is really another means of revenu rasing.

    What are they going to do next fine people for holding a cigrette, changing a radio station.

    I expected to get fined for doing the wrong thing but this is just beyond the joke! Especially for the situation I was fined in.

    I feel like the government has robbed me once again
  2. Don't get me started on petty fines. Flicked the seatbelt off as I turned into my street -3rd house down, & had a plain clothes copper chase me down my back yard with his infringement notice. Fine doesn't worry me but the 3 points bl@@dy hurt.

  3. Faark, what did you do, hit him with it? That's $100 and NO points in WA.
  4. Yeah I think it is a bit steep.

    But I don't know about the "revenue raising" comment.
    How many people actually get caught on their phones?
  5. Thats exactly what i think. Why dont they reduce the amount of time that its takes to get your points if they are going to issue such sevre demerits 3 years is unreasonable.

    I remember it use to be only 1 year from each infringement.
  6. SFA I reckon is the answer to the above and on Mythbusters they proved that talking on a mobile phone whilst driving can be as dangerous as drink driving or more so.

    Sure you might not be going too fast but the penalty still applies regardless of speed. Am sure there is a few motorcyclists no longer around due to mobile phone use...
  7. Indeed - and for something that has such a critical effect on the already low attention level of cagers, I tend to think the fine is about right. :p
  8. Groan...mythbusters never proved a damn thing except that people will watch any crap that's shovelled.

    I actually agree with that. It can be dangerous, and should attract a fine. But this was a few moments in slow moving traffic. Surely the penalty doesn't fit the crime. Some pimp in his 'cool ride' booming bass that bends the door panels has got to be just as distracted.
  9. Sounds Fair To Me.

    Do the Crime...................Pay The Fine

    The only accidents I have ever been involved in on the road with another vehicle was in both cases when they were talking on the phone.

    Imagine if a rider was lane splitting whilst the traffic was crawling, and some body decides to answer the phone, but wait hands free wont work, so they stuff around with the phone and accidently move back and forth across the lane....................Result: One splattered rider.

  10. The changes hit motorists immediately. By late June, 8757 motorists had accrued three demerit points for using a mobile phone while at the wheel.

    ok this is for about a 2 week period in 2003 as the article was published on july 12th. Thats $1 182 195 in revenue as the fine at the time was $135 and thats only in victoria imagine how much they would make now over all of australia with the fine at $225 in some states.

  11. Again, agreed. But the question here is does the fine fit the crime? particularly 3 points.

    How would you feel about a $220+ fine and three points, for lane-splitting at 50kph?
  12. As I said I am happy to be fined for doing the wrong thing but for my circumstance it was just unfair.

    Also I saw the mybusters episode I dont think it is an accurate measure as the questions they were asking were extremely complex which you would generally not have in most phone call situation so the results to me were inconclusive.

    Also why do WA get away with paying $100 plus no points? Are us NSW peoples deserving such hefty fines cause we live in an expensive city?
  13. I think 3 points is about right for using a mobile phone without a hands free at normal driving speeds.

    I do think that if you were stopped in a traffic jam that the cop was being harsh though.

    As for a $220 fine and 3 points for lane-splitting at 50kph... that sounds about right too.

    Lane splitting should be done only when the traffic is stationary and only at trundling along speed.
  14. In WA that would not even be illegal. As long as you stayed to the right of the driver, didn't cross a solid white, and didn't exceed the posted limit.

    But you reckon over east it should be worth $225 and 3 points?........bloody glad I'm over here.

    EDIT - correction, I just checked, and in WA the phone fine is $100 and 1 point.
  16. No argument from me on that point either but unfortunately there is no law against it...

    To the original poster re it's unfair that you only get pinged $100 in WA, that's life i'm afraid, laws vary from state to state. in WA I can ride a 50cc scooter on my car license that I can't do in NSW or Vic, state laws are governed by the state (logically) and they decide the penalty.

    For NSW that's $220 fine and 3 points, obviously the law defines the crime and it doesn't distinguish between speeds. You probably caught a copper on a bad day though I reckon.
  17. I agree... they should be about the same.

    Both 3 points :)
  18. is it really 3 years for your points to come back? i dont want to have 1 point left for my entire p's from one mistake :(: ( :( :(
  19. That was the original posters point. Not that he as an individual was hard done by, but that the penalties in his State are out of balance with other States, and were in fact designed to raise revenue.

    Surely he has a valid question to ask? Why should fines be 50% (or more) higher in Victoia or NSW than in WA?, and even more unfair, why should fines be levied at all, for things that are not even illegal in other States? I believe WA's accident figures are not materially different to any other State, so how can something that isn't considered dangerous at all here, be a hefty fine over there? Given the simple evidence, revenue raising is not a ridiculous accusation in my opinion.
  20. Well there is my point you said it better than I could incitatus.

    I am thinking of taking it to court and plead guilty with reason. I may get off or a reduced fine and demerit points.