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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by McLvn, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Riding home from TAFE, I approach a roundabout and cop coming from opposite direction throws his right indicator on as he is about to leave the roundabout, I react intuitively, unnecessarily grabbing my front brake.

    I take off and it occurs to me after I fang it up a hill, cop might just come to find me. Murphy's law, as I turn into a street there he is on my ass. I keep at the speed limit but as I'm about 400mtrs away from the front gate the lights come on.

    He says "You gave it a bit going up the hill, what was the reason for that?' I replied with a resigned "Look there is no excuse officer." I ride without my P plates and as soon as he sees that I'm screwed is my thinking, so don't exacerbate the situation. Fair enough he gives me a ticket for not displaying plates, lets me off with a warning for speeding because of my "good attitude"

    I realise that without any precise measurement of my speed that it would not have held up if I contested it, but I didn't want to make the situation worse. But now I'm stuck with a fine and was wondering if there was any advise on contesting the P plate issue? eg someone stole my plates this afternoon at the parking rank.
  2. Sorry dude, if you admit guilt in any way while the officer is there.. you can't change your mind and fight it without hard evidence. Plus it would probably cost you more in court fees to fight it than the fine itself.. so its only ever worth contesting if your license is at stake due to points accumulation.

    Consider yourself lucky though, a lot of cops would have given you both fines, especially because you're young (I assume because of P plates....)
    My advice would be just live with it, and be careful next time you pass the fuzz.

    Whats the damage for a P plate offence? 1 point and $70, or has it gone up?

  3. If you wanna say someone nicked your P plate, they'll just say tough you could have just got one from a servo for a coupla bucks.
  4. i dont think there is anyway out of this one.

    I've seen a lot of car drivers only displaying one p plate, on the front. the coppers probably seen it 10 times more than me.......sorry to hear about this but you'll have to grin and bear it.
  5. I think you got out of it pretty well. I've never been let off with just a warning with a speeding offence, half your luck!
  6. That's why I prefered, "I haven't? Shit! It was there when I got on the bike."
  7. +1

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  8. If you didn't pass the speed limit, why does it matter how quickly you get there?
  9. I hope you thanked the cop for being nice.
  10. A small piece of green plastic under a few screws may help with this argument
  11. exactly -- but I do recall once reading something about "excessive acceleration" but that may have something to do with burnouts

    If you do not pass the legal posted speed - how quick you get there as long as the vehicle is under control should have no influence/bearing what so ever

    I would just say " I was within the legally posted speed limit"
  12. I've got some better advice. Say nothing.
  13. Excessive acceleration falls under the fine of unnecessary and undue noise, which is completely open to the officers best judgement. It is a valid fine (whether you agree with it or not), and penalty is rather excessive in QLD.
  14. You could of also asked him he noticed a piece of white plastic coming off the back as you fanged up the hill? :bolt:
  15. while dont u just cable tie ur p plates on??? n if it does come off u can at least say ohh they were held by these cable tie
  16. 197 dollars, 2 points. Yeah I should be grateful that I only received one fine. I've never had problems with the cops as long as my attitude was very respectful of them. eg yes officer, no officer, how high officer?

    I should cop it sweet as many have said, but F@#K this gives me the S#!Ts. The government department that would look after the appeal of fines wouldn't know the circumstances of how I received it ... so I'm going to challenge it and see how this turns out.
  17. I hope they do you over then. You clearly didn't learn a ****ing thing.
  18. Tramp, is there a legal distinction/benefit between these two? And by saying nothing do you mean literally saying there refusing to respond or are you suggesting responding but not to the question?
  19. :nopity:

    dont break the law then ](*,)

  20. Because more often than not anything other than a denial is seen as a admission