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NSW Fined: Helmet strap not done up

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by m4kochan, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. So I was riding 50m up the road, between my work buildings to move my bike and the blue cop car was sitting alongside the road.

    they flashed their lights and then done me for not having done up my helmet strap.

    3 points off license and $304 fine, is this legit? I look on the NSW RTA website and it says the fine for riding a motorcycle with NO helmet is 3 points and $304 fine

    yes, my fault for not doing the strap up but I was riding up a 50m long dead end work street. I can't believe the fine for NOT wearing anything is the same as having my strap unclipped?

    anyone experienced anything similar to this before? just seems crazy is all
  2. Hi,

    Not sure about NSW but in Vic -

    HelmetsRiders and passengers must wear a helmet securely fitted and fasteded on their heads. The helmets must have a mark indicating they comply with the Australian Standard AS1698 or AS/NZS1698. A face shield or visor must meet the Australian Standard AS1609.

    I would be surprised if it was different.
  3. Yes it is legit.
    Yes it has been done before. Do a search.
    50m, 500, 50,000m, doesn't matter, if you fall off your bike and your helmet comes off your head you risk brain injury or death.
    Oh and welcome, maybe go to welcome lounge and introduce yourself.
  4. Well, shit mate I never thought about the consequences. It's all so real to me now.

    Just to think that yesterday I rode to work without a back protector to boot. 50m, 500, 50,000m, doesn't matter, if I had fallen off my bike without a back protector I would have been risking spinal injury or death.

    Another thought just occurred to me as well. Bikes are way too easy to 'fall off' of. It's a pointless risk, isn't it? What we should do is ban them and get everyone to drive cars. That'd be heaps safer!
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  5. As long as it is a nice car
  6. what I didn't understand was how is wearing no helmet exactly the same fine and points as having your strap on the helmet undone? yes I know you should do it up, but I don't see how the two are even comparable.

    anyway, I'll pay the fine and take it on the chin. my fault, I know I have ridden a few times and forgotten to do it up. Now I'll know.
  7. Basically, the rule is that you must wear a secured approved helmet on your noggin. If it's not on at all or not secured, then they class it as breaching the same rule.

    ROAD RULES 2008 - REG 270

    Wearing motor bike helmets
    270 Wearing motor bike helmets

    (1) The rider of a motor bike that is moving, or is stationary but not parked, must:
    (a) wear an approved motor bike helmet securely fitted and fastened on the rider’s head, and​
    (b) not ride with a passenger unless the passenger complies with subrule (2).​
    Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.​
  8. Of note: I would love to see a photo or video of when someone was legitimately busted for this rule:

    Offence Penalty Notice Fines Points Double demerits? Law

    Ride motorcycle with 4 or more unhelmeted passengers (rider not helmeted)
    $1586 9 Yes Road Rules 2008
    Rule 270 (1)
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  9. Underneath I know your just 'takin the piss'......
  10. Bad luck mate. It's all legit. Cops could have had discretion but didn't. You won't get out of it unfortunately. Pay the fine and move on. I had a mate get the same fine for not having it tight enough too.
  11. Its a tough brake,for a little ride.But I have seen blokes pull helmets off with the strap not done up at the end of LONG bike roads,Oberon to The Great western Hwy.
    Couldn't believe my eyes.
  12. Pay the fine. It is legitimate and tough luck.
    Now use the intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself.
  13. Isn't it obvious why you need the strap done up OP? The thing will just come off in a head impact..

    I get that you were just moving 50m up the street, but you might aswell not wear your lid at all. I've done that plenty of times but the trick is to look around for coppers first.

    On the same merit I've heard of people being fined for not having the additional clip for the excess strap done up. I think that's being a bit pedantic but I guess from a distance people can't tell if it's done up or completely undone..
  14. Was the strap not done up through the two rings at all or were you fined for not doing up the clip that stops the strap from flapping around?
  15. As much as I think it is farked the cops showed no discretion in this the fines being the same for no strap done up and no helmet being the same is fair enough. Basically if you're going to crash and need your helmet the strap is more than likely going to come into play. Either you spin through the air and the centrifugal force (that doesn't exist) pulls the lid off or you low slide and your helmet gets dragged off by the ground. Most other crashes you probably won't hit your head.
  16. I can only think that you might have failed the attitude test. Manners can be important as I'm sure you'll find out if Justus turns up.

    I do like your sense of humour, though. "take it on the chin" - cracked me up.
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  17. Centrifugal force haha!

    Next you'll be making this one into a nodding thread. Like, what if you nodded to the cop and your helmet fell off?
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  18. Or maybe this one: imagine if you had a GoPro attached...
  19. Helmets come off in crashes if they are not done up. You can search any of the gore sites and find plenty pics of clueless chumps with their brains on the pavement and their undamaged helmet, strap undone, nearby. That is why the law requires both wearing a helmet and doing up your helmet.

    However - giving you a fine for this given the short distance and quiet street was stupid, it serves no purpose and it is small minded and petty by the coppers. What did they do after this, go off and fine some pedestrians for J-walking?
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  20. Just let me get my sidecar, midget hookers, and barrel of whiskey...