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VIC Fined for using bicycle lanes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. From Vic Police media

    With there existing no evidence of any accidents involving motorcycles in bicycle lanes, one has to ask why do we have to put up with this?

    There is NO SAFETY ISSUE justifying M/C being excluded from bicycle lanes.

  2. Re: [Vic] 13 to motorcyclists fined for using bicycle lanes

    I quite enjoyed this bit actually.

  3. Re: [Vic] 13 to motorcyclists fined for using bicycle lanes

    So that's what they were up to… I noticed some blueshirts on foot around the Arts Centre watching traffic during my commute yesterday. I stopped filtering at that point :)
  4. Re: [Vic] 13 to motorcyclists fined for using bicycle lanes

    I suggest that, as there are no points associated with the offense, they privately agree that is entirely about cyclist convenience, not safety.
    And cashola.

    But - now that it is legally possible to pass (safely) on the left, it's going to be a lot easier to argue the case for short excursions into the bike lane. To avoid 'obstructions', y,know.
    Let's just work on getting the advanced stop zone trial up and running. Do we know if any of the 'bike lane' penalties involved advanced stop zones?
  5. It's almost at the point where walking is the only option you have left to you. Well until they run out of money and then the'll target that as well.
    Tread depth on your shoes too low etc etc.

    This State is being ****ed over at a great rate of knots

    Time that BV & the MRAA got together for a coffee ;)
  6. As I suspected, everyone has missed the key point.

    Riders are being booked - when there is no evidence of any accident history.

    If there were accidents happening - then booking riders would be justified.

    Hey guys - there have been no accidents between bicycles and M/C!!! Why are we being booked? Because the stupid law says we should be. Not to save any lives - but to raise revenue because somebody is too lazy to recognise the inequity here...

    How may more of us are going to have to pay up - for doing nothing dangerous?
  7. No they haven't. Stop treating everyone other than yourself like incompetent idiots. :roll:
  8. I think it's more about cyclists whinging to the powers about having their territory compromised than any official concern about safety.

    It's a turf war. BV has staked a claim for cyclists to a large slice of the road network, and it's doing all it can to make sure that they keep it to themselves. They have plenty of access to decision makers, they have lots of strident members, and they have the media willing to push their barrow on the political correctness front.

    Nobody - not even BV - thinks it's about safety. That's just a convenient tactical feint to cover for the land grab. VP and Spring Street are just willing to go along with BV because it wins cyclist votes and makes a bit of money.

    There is NO point trying to talk to BV. Harry Barber is a law unto himself and doesn't negotiate or compromise with anyone.

    Is it practical to fight the penalties in the courts and win (revisions to passing on the left)? That might do more good. I applaud you for keeping up the fight on bike lanes but maybe it's time to try and find a way around the issue instead of through it.
  9. Add yourself to that list then Vic. You didn't read what I said.

    I said riders are being booked for doing nothing unsafe - where there is no accident history to justify the fine.

    Care to comment on that point? It is blatant revenue raising....

    My point is - get away for all the BV crap and turf war discussion. We are being used here - and being fined for the wrong reasons.
  10. I don't think this is missing the point at all. I think it's exactly the point. If you want to use the bicycle lanes, get the bicycles on your side. All this chest beating and indignation just makes the MRA look like... well... like this...


  11. Well i doubt there has been an accident resulting from a driver sitting on the boot of their car whilst in motion and cooking a BBQ... however I'm pretty sure you'd get booked if you tried.

    Having bikes that go 20kph and bikes that go 60kph in the same small lane is a bad idea.
  12. Where did I say I agree with the cops on this stance?

    Where did anyone else miss the point?

    You assume that I am siding with the cops because I didn't get on my knees and tug at your zip and tell you how good you are?
  13. Never seen it happen. I'm quite sure I never will. It's as ridiculous as your bbq scenario.
  14. I've seen it happen... although I estimate the motorbike's speed as about 50 rather than 60. It was a bit scary.

  15. MRA tried to do that and our offer was spurned by Harry Barber.....

    I repeated the offer many times to him at the ABC studios where he and I were talking on-air with Jon Faine.

    Next suggestion?

    We are being right royally screwed over here..... Its your money that you will invest next time you get caught - or some other pod sod does.....
  16. Ok.

    Stop pushing the bicycle lane nonsense and start pushing for our right to filter to the front through stopped traffic.

    I couldn't give two shits about being allowed to ride in a bicycle lane, but being able to legally filter up to the front through 'other means' would be quite nice.

  17. You are being booked because it is illegal to use the bike lane. Whether you think it's safe or not has nothing to do with it. Keep using it and you will keep being booked.

    If you don't like the law then do something about getting it changed. This 'I'm the victim" attitude is getting very tired.

    I'll give you another tip, whinning and crying on here wont change the law. Instead of bagging BV take a leaf out of their book and get organised and start some sort campaign that might acheive something.

    All you doing is showing that you and the MRA are a joke.
  18. +1 Couldn't agree more the bicycle lane is a non issue and I'm not for it, bus lanes and filtering are what the mrav should be actively pursuing.
    and btw currently riding in a bicycle lane is against the law so the cops are doing their job regardless of how accident free it is.
    Act on filtering PUSH IT HARD.
  19. Some months ago Dan Rotman (then with MA) and I had a talk in Canberra with a gentleman from Bicycling Australia - he was reasonably sympathetic but essentially his implied response was what titus said. That BV would fight it all the way no matter how good a case could be put up.

    What I've been pushing for recently is that there needs to be consultation before a bicycle lane is put in. Now, wittthe advent of ARR 141(c) about overtaking on the left, that becomes even more important since putting in a bicycle lane basically takes away that ability on a single lane road.

    By the way, I'm still waiting official confirmation from VicRoads that that part of the ARRs has actually been implemented. I should have that by this time next week.
  20. I thought you could ride in bus lanes, T2's etc?

    Or is that only NSW?

    Pretty stupid if you can't.