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VIC Fined for parking on the nature strip

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Rnb930, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. This week I got an infringement notice for parking adjacent to the footpath on St Kilda Rd - in exactly the same place I have been parking for the past four years. The actual offence is "Stopped -On a nature strip Road Rule (1)".
    I didn't even see the ticket until the next day and couldn't believe it!
    I am well aware of the limitations on footpath parking, and very careful to not leave the bike where it will cause an obstruction. My only guess is that someone has complained - perhaps one of the nearby cafes that have recently been refurbished has decided the want bike gone for the area.
    Just wonder if any fellow riders have been booked in Melbourne for this "offence"?? Thoughts and comments very welcome! RB

  2. I wouldn't try and find rationality behind it. It's a ticket they can give, so they gave it.

    There's a reason why the are the second most hated profession after prime minister in this country.
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  3. More than solicitors and real estate agents? No way.
  4. (1) Wrong road rule
    (2) the thread belongs in Laws/Politics https://netrider.net.au/forum/politics-laws-government-insurance.61/, and
    (3) If you were stopped on the nature strip and did not hinder or cause obstruction to pedestrians, no offence was committed.
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  5. Doing a bit of moderating there mate or just lending a hand ? :D
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  7. How did you not notice the PIN until the next day? Would've been good if you had taken a photo at the time. When you have time, you should go back with your bike and take a photo of where you were parked.
  8. Can you highlight on google maps exactly where you parked? Might help others.
  9. Sounds a bit ridiculous. There are parts of St Kilda Rd where bitumen pads are set into the nature strip for motorcycles to park on.
  10. Ever wondered why so many from the legal 'professions' and RE developer crowd become politicians....because they are experienced accomplished liars, a prerequisite to becoming a politician in either of the major parties.
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  11. Very odd. Extract from Road Safety Road Rules 2009

    197 Stopping on a path, dividing strip or nature strip
    (1) A driver must not stop on a bicycle path, footpath,
    shared path or dividing strip, or a nature strip
    adjacent to a length of road in a built-up area,

    (a) the driver stops at a place on a length of
    road, or in an area, to which a parking
    control sign applies and the driver is
    permitted to stop at that place under these
    Rules; or
    (b) the driver's vehicle is a motor cycle and the
    driver stops in a place where the motor cycle
    does not inconvenience, obstruct, hinder or
    prevent the free passage of any pedestrian or
    other vehicle; or

    (c) the driver is using a vehicle for the purpose
    of the operation of a detection device
    prescribed for the purposes of section 66 of
    the Road Safety Act 1986..

    Perhaps a letter to the issuing Authority is in order with a copy of the Road Rules..
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  12. Seems everyone has provided a very sound answer to the question.
    I know in my particular area of residence (city of greater bendigo) it is illegal to park on your nature strip, however you wont get booked for it 99% of the time, its only ever when some fcukwit decides he doesnt like looking at your car/bike anymore.
    I always thought it was a bloody ridiculous law.
  13. appeal it. you may have got a new officer that doesn't know the law.
  14. I still want to see where it was acually parked.
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  15. Hi just wanted to let you know where this ended up ... it turned out to be a parking officer who didn't know the rules. He or she was booking bikes parked on the nature strip while bikes parked on the gravel area between the footpath and the road were OK. Also, bike tyres were being marked with chalk - like, WHY???
    This was happening on the eastern side of St Kilda, south of Toorak rd intersection.
    I appealed, and after "careful consideration" by City of Melbourne the infringement notice was withdrawn. The building managers were briefly involved in all this as they were (again) petitioned to allow bikes under the building. They separately contacted City of Melbourne to find out what was going on and were informed that the tickets should not have been issued and the problem was an un-informed parking officer.
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  16. Good result, worth the effort.
  17. Freddy Fark Knuckle the parking office enforcing laws he doesn't even know... this should have had some media exposure. ACA loves parking inspectors gone wild.
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  18. Yep robsalvv, 100% agree .. it is outrageous that a fully qualified "Parking Inspector" goes out and starts writing tickets and gets it so wrong. I just hope no-one who was fined actually paid out - my understanding is that if you pay and then appeal you are not eligible to receive a refund. You need to appeal before paying the fine.
    Anyway, it sucks. Was also quite amusing to see the bikes being parked move around, not sure what they were each doing wrong but keen to not get anther ticket.
  19. Damn straight, this Knob Jockey claytons cop needs his arse properly kicked. and then sent back to parking officer school for remedial classes.
  20. G'day everyone,....

    Great to hear this issue was resolved successfully.

    At least you now have peace of mind.

    Dr Who.