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VIC Fined for having a GoPro on helmet

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SmittyGumby, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. So I got pulled over and fined today for none other than having my GoPro on my helmet.
    Bourke St, Camberwell, Melbourne.



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  2. What about a Bluetootth device also on the helmet.Where do you get this info from and don't they have better things to do.How does the Go Pro attach,Velcro or a vacuum pump I expect.
    Thats going to take a massive force to dislodge in a crash.Any excuse to excise there authority.
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    Why would you put in on your helmet. It is asking for trouble. Hide it behind the screen and they would never know it was there

    Use common sense.

    Do you put your camera on your head in your car too or on your car dash?
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  4. What actual law did you break?
  5. Is that for real? Or were they just having a go? I've also never heard of this law.

    Victoria only thing?
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  6. You cant modify helmets. Otherwise you could just take a hacksaw to a helmet till only the sticker was left and it would still comply.

    Bluetooths are illegal too.
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  7. This was mentioned on the radio today and there was no support for the police actions. These so called cops deserve to have the book thrown at them. Hopefully the VMC will get involved.

    How much was the fine?
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  8. Question: Were you breaking the law ? If the answer is yes then they had every right to pull you over and book you as petty as it may seem. If the answer is no then fight it. I suspect that any modification to a helmet might leave you open to scrutiny.
    There must be somewhere on the bike you can put it, looks pretty crappy on the helmet anyway IMHO.
  9. No fine as of yet, it's coming in the mail.

    I have a camera on my helmet to get rider POV. I have a tinted windshield, so putting a camera behind that would only record BLACK. I have a camera on the rear of my bike facing backwards.
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  10. Unless you screw into the helmet to fix the camera that surely is not a modification? Maybe the air in the suction mount will damage the helmet?
    Leave the Tellytubbie alone, I say.
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  11. Sheesh, how bored are the police in Camberwell if this is what they're doing to keep them selves busy???
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  12. Why
    Why? Do you fancy yourself some paragon of riding ability, who must record his exploits for us lesser mortals to see? Or perhaps, an urban vigilante, recording others' foibles, to be displayed on YouTube? Or maybe a budding Speilberg, clambering to the top of the movie industry??

    Either way, I'm betting there's a lot more to his story than you are telling us: I'll reserve my indignation and pity till all the facts are in....
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  13. This one I posted on youtube, yes. If you want the entire length of the recording I'll be happy to send it to you. I had just left work, spent less than 5 minutes on the bike, and pulled over. No I had not broken any road rules, I was riding in a safe and controlled manner.
    Why do I record? If someone crashes into you and there is no independent witness, who's to say you're not at fault. I have a dash-cam in my car for that reason.
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  14. What about the Australian Standards Sticker they put on the helmet?
    That is also modifying the helmet
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    So why dont you put it on your head in a car, why is the riders view so important but not the drivers?

    What are you talking about...
    Without the sticker its not a adr helmet.
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  16. I've got a couple of gopro mounts adhered to my helmet, and I'd dispute anyone saying having them stuck on the surface of the shell should have any influence on the legality.
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  17. Mate I'm just emphasizing that this is a law that unknown to most of us, and that if you use a helmet mounted device (Camera / bluetooth coms etc) that you are at risk of getting fined... this is NOT about me and my riding abilities. It's about a law or road rule that is in place somewhere which gets us riders for having something on our helmet.
    And in reference to the AS stick on the helmet... helmets come with a warning saying that using petrol / solvents / placing stickers on, can deteriorate the integrity of the helmet... what positron was getting at is that there is already a sticker on there, how can adding more effect the helmet, or by having the sticker on there, they have broken their own rule of not putting stickers on there.
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  18. Please post the regulations under which you were fined when it comes. Thanks :)

    Oh and you seem to be looking down at the road a lot and not looking far enough ahead or around much ... it makes me almost uncomfortable wanting to look up further ahead and around more :cautious:
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  19. Yeah I must of bumped the camera when I put my helmet on... the position of the camera isn't the greatest. It seems sometimes when I record I point the camera further down then i need to. this being one of those cases lol
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  20. I am not talking about the law.

    I was just wondering what the reasoning is to choose to use a helmet mount rather than a bike mount. If its to give the rider view then why not mount it to your head in the car? If the vehicle view is better (and hence why you chose the dash) then why choose the helmet mount in the first place?
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