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Fined for going 284 km/h

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kaer, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/News/0,,2-7-1442_1851565,00.html

    Carina van Wyk , Beeld

    Johannesburg - When the speedo climbs, the bank balance drops.

    Marius Prinsloo, 34, the so-called "speed record holder" of the East Rand, who was caught in a speed trap at 284 km/h, was on Thursday sentenced to a fine of R100 000 (or two years in jail) in the Germiston magistrate's court.

    He will, in real terms, have to pay R40 000 for his early morning run as R60 000 of the fine was suspended for five years.

    Prinsloo had to pay R10 000 to the clerk of the court on Thursday before he could go and an order was made that he pay R500 per month for five years from the end of January.

    Should he be caught riding faster than R190km/h in the next five years, he will also have to pay the suspended balance of R60 000.

    Prinsloo was trapped on 20 November at the Kliprivier off-ramp on the R59 South near Alberton when he pushed his Suzuki bike (a GSX1000) to 284km/h.

    Minutes earlier his motorcycle was photographed at the Elands interchange doing 249km/h.

    His sentence was combined for the two instances of exceeding the speed limit.

    After passing sentence the magistrate, Deon Snyman, said to Prinsloo: "The best sentence would really be if I show you what my daughter passed on to me by e-mail of how people look that have been in motorcycle accidents.

    "It is time for you to look at that evidence...or else you should trade in you motorbike for something else."

    Automobile Association spokesperson Gary Ronald said: "A person moving at 284km/h is moving at 78m a second.

    "If he sees anything and reacts within a second he has already travelled a distance of 78m.

    "And should he collide with anything, you will have to scrape him off the tar with a teaspoon.

    "Even if he just falls, they will have to pick up his body parts."

    Chief superintendent Wilfred Kgasago, spokesperson of the Ekurhuleni metro police, said altogether 171 motorists were trapped on the East Rand this year doing more than 180km/h.
  2. $8000 fine but no loss of license :shock:


    I love how he only has to pay the rest if he's caught doing more then 190 km/h :LOL:
  3. 100,000 rand is about $20,000 Australian - so he only has to pay 100 bucks a month for 5 years.
  4. Yep. Love those body parts flying off whenever racers crash at the track at >250kph... :roll:

    The fall, and subsequent slide does little real damage (if wearing proper protective gear), it's just any sudden stops along the way that will.
  5. If I'm reading it right he only has to pay 40,000 rand. The other 60,000 is only payable if he get's busted doing more then 190.
  6. Correct analysis LineNoise
  7. Sorry wrote that quick, $20,000 is the total fine, but yes he's only paying $8,000 at 100 bucks a month, the other $12,000 being suspended. Still got off fairly light though compared to here.
  8. Is this a repeat of a previous thread or another South African idiot being caught.

    Dan, did you post something like this earlier this year??
  9. Ah k, soz...I couldn't be bothered doing the math :p
  10. prolly...
  11. Don't these people know to cover the plates or take the plates off or use ghost plates...n00bs
  12. K
  13. Just done a quick search and can't find anything posted here, but remember reading this story about a month ago.
  14. He hadn't been convicted yet, just caught.