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Fined - For a "Leg Stretch"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I picked this up on another forum and thought that it may be of interest...

    Whoever drafts our laws is certainly NOT a motorcycle rider :( :( . They certainly don't understand the "physics" involved when a motorcycle is in motion........

  2. that is pretty disgusting. what a truly useless piece of police work. you can imagine that dirty cop following them them and knowing sooner or later someone will have to stretch their leg, or turn around to look behind and hes gotcha.
  3. And to think, if that guy was to beat the policeman to death with a rock, HE would be the one that is branded a criminal :shakes head:

    That is a trully disgraceful copper !!!!
  4. Pretty rotten. I guess you could stand up on the pegs??

    but then

    do you still get fined??
  5. By that logic you can't brace for rough roads by rising off the seat...and I can't wow the neighbours kids by pulling in to home with both legs over the bars. Shame that.
  6. If a coppers following you for some distance for no apperant reason, you got a fair idea his an ass-wipe that will get you for anything.

    I guess we all know the rule but no one abides by it, especially if I'm danceing on the bike.

    Can't they just issue coppers with a cross-word puzzle or something for when they get so damn bored? A hand book on Russian-Rulette, rules & stratergys?
  7. You dance? I've set up a large cardboard floor on my pillion seat for mid-commute break dancing. The chicks love it.
  8. HS mate that's a bit rough, was that copper really bored or something?
    You give him a peice of your mind while he was using his pen to waste tax payers money?

    What a complete a$$ copper. Obviously didn't get any from his woman.

  9. Hmmm, by the letter of that law, when taking off from a stop (lights etc.), we would have to put our feet on the pegs BEFORE the bike started moving. It just shows how stupid that law is.

    It seems to be a derivative of the "all body parts must be kept inside the vehicle at all times" car rule.

    Tickets are supposed to have the officers name and "badge number" on them. Why don't people list these stupid officers in a shame file? If a profile of gratuitous tickets could be built up, I'm sure something could be done about it. As it is, you can't fight a written law. . . well, not alone.

    Hey, check the definition of gratuitous:
    gratuitously, adverb. gratuitousness, noun.
    1. freely bestowed or obtained; free.
    2. being without reason, cause, or justification: a gratuitous insult.
    3. Law given without receiving any return value.
    [L gratuitus free, spontaneous]

    Seems to fit really well. :cool:
  10. damn... that was what happen to me the other day... but luckily .. no coppers behind me..

    Got off a traffic light and my left leg suddenly cramp... I was like .. "shit..." holding on the the pain as there were cars behind me.. ..tried to stretch it but couldn't get the pain off... had to pull over and stand up...
  11. [img:16:20:405a445d01]http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/sprachlos/speechless-smiley-019.gif[/img:405a445d01]
    I guess that means we all break the law every time we take off from the lights. And every time I've stood up in the saddle to move a little. Every time I've stretched my legs...

    Jeezuz, what next???
  12. I'd like to see a copy of the ticket for that one :shock:

    Got a link to the forum??
  13. its abit of a crock of sh!t as most of us at any given time have stretched our leggs while moving... Its funny I'm prety sure in tasmania we are only required to have one hand one foot "in control" of our veichal at any given time... doesnt mention anythig about 2 wheels tho :)
  14. How can you be charged with a law u didn't know existed??

    I've never heard of anyone being pulled over for "stretching their legs" before... surely there should be mention of this in the book you read to get your licence or when doing the licence course :?:

    so you're allowed to ride with one hand off the handle bars but not one foot off the foot peg... :?
  15. Post removed as it was blatant advertising for another forum.
    Please just give it a name but don't provide links.
    If you do make it in PM.
  16. Unfortunatly ignorance is no excuse, things like
    don't really get you off.

    But I do think that it is bull shit excuse to stop someone and it takes a special kind of asshat to book you for it.
  17. It's really sad that the world has such arseholes.

    I know he was just enforcing the law but cumon use a bit of descretion...
  18. Offences & tickets etc should still be in the spirit of the Law.

    Moving a foot off the pegs to ease a cramp could very well be a "reasonable excuse" for the behaviour and it could be argued that the ticket was not issued in the spirit of the Law. Many laws etc have the defence of reasonable excuse written into them. Local Government by-laws do in QLD.
  19. Wonder how this goes for someone (like me) who has highway pegs, or a heel&toe shifter - sometimes whilst using the shifter my left foot lifts off the board for a split second. Likewise, I have to remove my foot from the board to place it on the highway peg.

    I can partially understand the intent to prevent the both-feet-off-leg-swinging-at-110kph I see sometimes, or trailling your feet on the road. I can even see the logic in his comment "you should have gotten off to stretch" - cramp usually indicates some form of fatigue, so a stop would be ideal, but really, this is a bit harsh to be booked for it. If the rider was doing it for several kilometres maybe, but if it was (implied) that it was for a second, then its really a very silly thing to get booked over.
  20. Interestingly, if one were to take this law literally, as you approach an intersection you should not put your foot down until you are completely stopped. I would guess that most motorcyclists take their foot off in preparation for being completely stopped (I usually do).