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SA Fined - crossing double lines & failure to indicate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RRdevil, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, Justus may be able to help out here. This is not my story but a work mate rocked up home to find the police at his neighbours house issuing a fine for crossing double whites and failure to indicate. The story goes that the guy next door owns a gsxr1000 and was out riding on the 10th of this month. He came across a couple guys. One on a ducati and another on another bike (not known) they had a chat and went for a ride. As we all know the pace can sometimes pick up and a bit of healthy competition ensued. Anyway when they eventually pulles up at the next destination the guy on the gsxr1000 (work mates neighbour) began to tell these two guys that they were shit riders and they were all over the road. Now during the ride all of the bikes had crossed double white lines and failed to indicate so it wasnt just the guy on the gsxr1000. Anyway back OT my work mate rocked up home to find his neighbour being fined for these things. Turns out the two guys on bikes he 'raced' were off duty police officers who didnt take nicely to the guy on the gsxr saying they couldnt ride for shit. Surely this is a police integrity issue, as it wouldnt be hard to prove the officer wasnt at work that day, which would bring into question what he was driving/riding whilst he witnessed these offences. It has really re emphasized to me to ride my own ride and if someone goes around me dont let the red wash into my vision and initiate a 'race'.

  2. urban myth??
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  3. I could believe it, especially if it had happened in NSW. I've had an off duty probationary constable pull his badge out on me because he wanted my parking spot, FFS.
  4. Shoulda known better than to park right outside Krispy Kreme.
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  5. Nope the guy from work is genuine. He is a good friend. Said he thought his neighbour was going to thump the copper
  6. all urban myths start with "this didn't happen to me, but to a friend of a friend" .....
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  7. Regardless of police integrity (I don't know enough about it to comment) your mates neighbour sounds like an arrogant tosser. Who goes riding with a couple of randoms and then tells them they ride like shit. It's just plain rude.
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  8. what does failing to indicate have to do with double white lines? Separate issues?
    I think police that ride with someone then book them after are complete pricks.
    Not sure that there's really ever a need to cross double white lines (unless it's an emergency, or hazard avoidance etc...) - yes, yes, what if there's clear vision or a chance to over take etc.....
    I wasn't there, so, don't know how the convo went, but, why would you ride with someone then proceed to tell them how shit they are?
  9. I think you missed this part of the story...
    The story goes that the guy next door owns a gsxr1000
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  10. Your mate should object and face the police officers IN COURT and get his lawyer to ask them how they observed the rider that they infringed and WHAT it was that they were doing at the same time. I suspect he'll still get done unless his lawyer can find some technicalities, but the officers might get pinged as well.
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  11. This was 2 separate offences on the same expiation notice. And yes the guy is a tosser. My mate says he starts his bike and revs the crap out of it to warm it up, even though my mate has informed him it is unecessary on a fuel injected bike let alone a bike with carbs and a working choke. And for everyones information a lot of the adelaide hills where it was previously legal to overtake has since been double white lined. There are even several few hundred metre straights where overtaking would be perfectly safe. I wonder if anyone has tried to start a case against the government for putting lives at risk on roads that were previously sign posted 100kph but have since been dropped to 80kph with the idea that they are unsafe for 100kph now, road conditions havent changed. Therfore all the time it was 100 my life was at risk. Moral of the OP is be wary who you ride with and dont bag anyone out even if they are aboslutely shit
  12. First and foremost the guy who got done is not my mate. Never met him and i dont associate with bellend riders. My work mate is a good friend and even he is not friends with his neighbour (the guy who got done). As for court i dont think it is worth it for the guy because both of the two guys he was riding with were police officers. If they are both to appear in court they simply have to coroborate each others story that a guy on a gsxr1000 overtook them both dangerously on double whites with no indication either. Guy is pretty much f*cked, but hey sometimes you reap what you sow and you should learn to bite your tongue, as evem police officers dont like their egos being crushed. :)
  13. If there were more laws about being an absolute tosser, and less laws about having fun on the road the world would be a much happier place. Forget about him, if the guys a jerk and not friends with either one of you don't waste your time. But interesting event nonetheless and worth discussing.
  14. Hmm, I wonder if that could in fact be entrapment. They presumably didn't identify themselves during the ride.

    It also goes to show that it pays to hang back when riding with people you haven't ridden with before.
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  15. Yes i posted the story to make others aware that police officers are motorcyclists too. Guy obviously failed the attitude test. Im not.concerned if the guy gets f*cked over, as said one less on the road. Just possibly making learners aware they even when they are in suspected safe company they may be being watched
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  16. My bet is your mates neighbour thought there was competition, while these guys wanted to ride and use the whole road, not expecting to be overtaken within their lane. All over the road is generally a pretty good way to ride and you would say that about someone with a decent understanding of lines.
  17. Australia doesn't have entrapment laws. Seems they can pretty much do what the like (yes, I know that's not the case.... just venting)
  18. Sounds like no great injustice has been done, based on the evidence presented. Neighbour was guilty, but apparently didn't get nailed until he acted like a d*ck. Cops may also have been guilty but didn't act like d*cks until the the idiot dished them some sh*t.
    The universe is in equilibrium.
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  19. fcuking lol.

  20. well thats what happened didnt it ? so whats the problem.