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VIC Fine/Points for riding overpowered vehicle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sumguyhavingfun, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. I had a search and was unable to find this topic. Can anyone tell me what the fine and demerit points are for riding a bike over 260cc in Victoria whilst still on restrictions?

    I ask because i want to sell my 250 before the LAMS come into effect in Vic and ruin any resale value it may have. And i plan on riding something larger, that i am not supposed to be on. and want to know the repercussions of doing this.

    Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

  2. Everyone will say it, the fine is the least of your worries. Being uninsured is the big one.
  3. ^What he said.

    But also think about this, prices of 250cc motorbike have not dropped significantly in the states where LAMs has been introduced. Also, considering that it will probably be about 12 months before LAMs actually comes into effect in Victoristan, won't you be off (or very close to) your restrictions anyway??
  4. They don't generally publicise this, but there's secret new rules in Victoria - after they've taken the bike and melted it down and sent the scrap off to Sweden to make Volvos, the rider is tagged as a terrorist and sent to one of the secret CIA camps in Eastern Europe.

    After that they track down the next-of-kin and sell the women off in a secret Steve Bracks owned white-slave market in the Middle East. The men are sent to China to work in brickworks.

    And that's only for a first offence - you don't want to know what the penalties are for a second offence but it involves Amanda Vanstone and a feather duster... :LOL: :p
  5. Yeah, i understand the risk of being unisured, particularly if i do have anccident and hit something expensive.

    Pete, yes my restrictions will finish just after the LAMS comes into effect, but my bike is not learner legal using the NSW LAMS eligble bike list as a guide.

    And i can't see why many people wopuld want to buy a GPX once they are off there restrictions.

    Also this is not a definate, it is something i am considering, and just wondered if anyone knew the points/fines for it.

    Thanks for the replies though.
  6. Go for it, just don't crash.
  7. He says to the learner rider :LOL:

    Despite LAMS in nsw, the price of 250s hasn't really been effected apart from buying new (mainly because for the price of buying a brand new zzr or vtr.. you can get a hyosung 650).
  8. no insurance = no cover if your bike gets damaged
    no insurance = no cover if it gets stolen
    no insurance = no cover if you run into a Mercedes
    no insurance = someone reverses into your bike in a car park and doesnt leave their name/number

    But most importantly;
    no insurance = **** if you crash and someone is seriously injured requiring hospital/doctors/ambo/drugs etc etc.
    Are you prepared to take the risk of getting hit with a $100,000 +++ bill or much more if god forbid you kill someone?

  9. bike insurance doesnt cover u for damage to other people or injuries medical an stuff, thats wat u pay rego for TAC cover that about half (well wat i know for cars) is to cover u for like bout i think a million buks or so of injury for yourself and other victims and i think damage to public property etc.

    but its a bad idea especially since new hoon laws would proabaly come int efffect with gettin caught and chances are they will probably take you bike from u and your liscence.

    has a date been set for wen lams will be introduced in vic???
  10. You're an idiot!

    Why anyone would risk everything they have for the sake of a few dollars lost in the sale of their bike just eludes me? :? If you are willing to take such a gamble, why wouldn't you take the gamble that you will find some wood duck that will pay more money for your bike than it's actually worth? Much safer bet IMHO.
  11. Oh, to be young and foolish!
    Dont do it. Its not worth shitting yourself every time you climb aboard.
    Do your time. People will still want 250's when LAMS are introduced.
  12. That is a nice way of putting it.

    You are a moron, and if you do it, I hope you hit something very expensive, and not injure anyone.
  13. Make it my ex boss' very expensive top of the range toyota 4WD so he gets VERY peeved with trying to extract $$ from you which you don't have. His main love is MONEY and seeing him in court cases against you would make me grin. Just be sure to tell me when they are :D And I won't tell you where the prick parks his car when he is at work. I wouldn't want to be hit for giving you the info... :)

    Doing a search on carsales.com.au for his type of car shows: $84,200 (rrp)

    That'd be a nice expensive enough bill I reckon ;)
  14. Whilst no one has actually answered my OP, i appreciate your replies and will take them under consideration. As i mentioned it is not a done deal, just something i had thought about.
    Undii your boss really would hate me if that happened, a smashed car and money on court costs suing someone who has bugger all.
    As for the the people who resort to name calling and wishing me harm (some nice people here), ill ignore that, and if we meet at a coffee night or something and you want to say it to my face then ill pay some attention to you.

    Ill just have to search vicroads for the info on points/fines etc, but thanks for giving me some things to think about people.
  15. Pretty sure you have been supplied the repercussions and plenty of info...........so............

    you're welcome! :roll:
  16. i think you will find, and i will accept no correction :p .....
    that, the fine and demerit points is kinda/sorta at the discretion of the issuing officer.
    eg. there is a fine/demerits for riding a bike above allowed capacity, and there is also a fine for riding uninsured. then, there is a fine for riding unlicensed (which you are not licensed to ride the "above power etc" vehicle)
    now, on the occasions i have seen this topic reignited, i always state this.
    there is always someone who tells me-
    a) they cant give you that + that + that
    b) its not an unlicensed offence
    c) some other form of reply.

    but the FACT is, that i was busted (but beat it in court, because the road was eventually found to be a private rd) for unlicensed & uninsured and riding above capacity. the cop gave me all of them.
    i still have FULL evidence of these fines ;)
    so what i am saying is - no, they dont HAVE to give them all to you, but they can certainly try, and then it is up to you to stand up in court and explain how you were licensed, insured, and entitled to ride such a vehicle.
    good luck with it, i did it and for the most part, got away with it. but its certainly not a risk i would personally run these days :!:
  17. ahh ok, thanks for the info Joel, much appreciated.

    Edit: And thanks pro pilot (below)
  18. For your information. The offical bit they can get you on is in:


    On page 5.

    It comes under faliure to obey licence conditions it is no points and fine is 1.05 penalty units = $116

    It falls under the same spectrum as exceeding mass requirements, wearing glasses while driving etc. If you have a full licence, then its not riding unlicenced at all, just out of conditions.

    The other things you've heard, may be true if your an idot with the cops thats about it. Know of a few guys at work that ride larger crusier during thier initial tenure. Two of them got off with a warning, one said he got the fine and that was it. Difference however is they were riding a long time before getting thier licences (off-road etc.)

    As for insurance, you will have a problem claiming if riding out of conditions.

    Thems the facts
  19. are you suggesting that i am an IDOT???
    because if you are, you are going to have to explain to me what exactly an IDOT is?? :p :LOL:

    the cops typically dont know their shit when it comes to fines, they have a book with which they look up the fines. it is then your job to question the integrity of the fine by writing to the infringements board, or electing to have it heard at court.
    and TRUST me, that is MORE frequent when it comes down to weights and masses, i directly look after a billion trucks.

    its just a risk you run :)
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