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Fine for riding in a Bicycle Lane?!?!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sarj, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. I recently got booked in Melbourne (cnr of Grattan St and Royal Pde) for riding my 250 in a bicycle lane! :evil: $75 and 1 demerit point.

    All I was trying to do was, avoid all the cages that were going straight and blocking the right turning lane.

    I didn't even know it was illegal for me to be riding in the bicycle lane, after all I'm on two wheels too!

    Anyone else have a similar issue or advice?
  2. Well now you know (unfortunately). Cannot legally use cycle lane with a motorcycle. (Yet).
    That spot, and the one on Rathdowne St have been heavily targeted by the cops for motorcycles using the bike lane.
    Just a note: You are legally allowed to use be in the bike lane for a distance of 50 metres before or after attempting to park, and you are allowed to cross over it to access the left turn lane. How far did you travel in it?
    I can't actually work out how you would need to use the bike lane to try and access the right turn lane...
  3. I wondered if the cops would be anal enough to pick people up for this. Just remember you are a threat to society :roll:

    From my understanding of the word "bicycle" it means "two things rotating" doesn't it? Really we ride motor-bicycles. Of course the opportunity to discuss this with a judge will probably waste more time than it's worth.

    Maybe motorcyclists can ask for their own lane. Surely it would reduce road congestion.
  4. Bicycle lanes are for bicycles! It's not rocket science.
  5. That's odd, I got done too, it was $80 and no demerit points. Might be worth looking up whether that's correct.
  6. but it is physics, and improper use of the english language :roll:
  7. Yeah, I'm having trouble seeing how you were using the bike lane to get to the right-turn lane? :?:

    Anyhow, bottom line is you can't ride in the bike lane unless you're turning left or parking. You can also use it if someone is forming an obstruction on the road (ie, turning right on a 2-way single lane road).
  8. who in fudgicles needs 50m to park?!
  9. Women and train drivers.
  10. and harley riders! :grin:

    oh no,

    i didnt,

    i didnt say that did i?????? :bolt:
  11. :shock: :shock: :shock: wot choo talkin' 'bout, Willis? :p
  12. Simple really.

    You have 50m to pull over and stop (and then park your vehicle) and you have 50m to pull back into the traffic lane after moving out of the parking bay.

    They don't actually have 50m to park they've just got 50m to slow down and speed up either side.
  13. isn't overtaking on the left in the same lane illegal???? :-k
  14. Nope. The exception is when vehicles are stationary, awaiting to turn right etc.

    Also the definition of a motorcycle and a bicycle will be laid out in the act and any other definition is irrelevant.

    So what were you doing in the bike lane turning right?
  15. Do you recall what the charge was?
    I seem to recall the cops once telling me that they can hit you with travelling in a bike lane (1 point) - or disregarding lane markings (3 points) depending on how they feel about you! Never did look it up, though. Maybe they liked you, and did you for a lesser charge.
  16. in the vicroads docs (well the ones that i just found) they giver the definition of a vehicle but say bicycles and motorcycles are defined in the dictionary (well derr... i know that) but which one would they be referring to??
  17. "The Dictionary" is part of the Australian Road Rules (ARRs).


    The ARRs are incorporated into Victorian law by the Road Safety (Road Rules) Regulations 1999
    Next question...?
  18. We've got a big dumb cage race blocking entry to the city in Addlebrains at the moment and I will be abusing bicycle lanes like crazy tomorrow. Four major roads to the city blocked off by a stoopid racing track.

    Pray for me. And point me to the political party that plans to either get rid of these stupid events, or can find some way to reimburse eastern suburbs residents for putting up with this crap. We don't care about Holdens or bloody Fords, they're all losers!
  19. I am retarded, I meant left! I paid the fine but am not sure what happened to that demerit point? I never actually got it! I guess either someone liked me or I am just lucky!
  20. I got done in the same spot about a year ago. When it happened the cops seemed a little bit embarrassed to give it to me, but told me at least there are no points.

    So I don't think there is actually any points applied to that one.