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FIne for riding above capacity

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Cambo, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Please be patient as I don the flame retardent suit.......

    OK, what is the fine in Victoria for riding a bike greater than your allowed capacity.

    Hypothetically speaking, lets say, I go for my P's later this month. Technically I'm restricted to 250cc for the first 12 months. I have my full car license so I do not need to display a P plate. Are the odds in my favour of not being pulled over if I'm riding a bike greater than 250cc. I dont particularly want to buy a 250 now, only to then upgrade it in 12 months time. Hypothetically speaking of course. :wink:

    Let fly!

  2. why after all the effort to obtain your license, do you want to do something so stupid that would result in you losing it again. or worse still put you in a position of danger... *just thinking >new rider+high capacity bike=injury and time from riding!*

    not really the brightest thought you've had today, ey! :wink:

    i suppose your choice... your risk, so good luck with it. :)
  3. Well hypothetically speaking, there may be a police blitz on bikes and they may be pulling over bikes just for license checks.

    Or hypothetically, scenario number 2, you are in an accident (through no fault of your own) and your insurance won't cover you for any damage to said bike.
  4. Or that shiny nice merc you accidently run into
  5. What are you thinking IDIOT!!!! Go the VTR250.
  6. I think I'll get my learner pilots license tomorrow. I should be able to apply for a job as a Qantas pilot then since I have my full car license. Hypothetically speaking I won't need to put my L's on the plane.
  7. It's not about the fine, it's about if I hit a Ferrari, my 3rd party prop insurer tell me to go suck a fat one and I'm screwed financially for a high %age of my life.

    Your call.

    Plenty of people do it and get away with it. Personally, I don't think it's worth it.

    ... besides which, I know I don't ride my 250 to it's full potential yet - are you seriously that awesome in the twisties that you have nothing left to learn after your learner period?
    I mean, I'm close and all, but my bike is still a pantload of fun and when I hold a 600 in the bends, I'm damn proud of myself.
  8. As the saying goes, "Ride a bike, go to jail". Personally i think we would be better off riding a nice twin 650 or so (Light enough with a nice spread of power) however, the odds are against us mate. Back in the mid '70s, black 650 late at night. 3 days in the slots, kangaroo court and off to the big house. Then again, i was riding with a bodgy licence, an oversized bike and i had attitude. Would i do it again? To old for that shit, don't give 'em the opportunity to nail ya.
  9. The problem is your not covered by TAC or third party :oops:
  10. Try those older model 600cc or the 400cc.

    I knew a guy that use to ride a gsxr1000 on his P's, to what i know of he still has his license and is still alive.
  11. Maaaaaaaaaate $185 and 3 points, been there done that got the t shirt, all in less than 24 hrs. All of a sudden the zzr250 isnt to small after all. Oh yeh, and a long walk home at 2:00 am
  12. fine isn't that bad.
    You walk your bike aswell?
  13. No LAMS in Victoria, we have a 260cc restriction, hence why the 250's are popular here :)
  14. Who's talking about LAMS? :p
  15. Buy an RVF400 - Honda V4, 400cc... its sneakily LAMS legal in NSW.

  16. Thought in case the OP hasn't found the correct answer else i'd fill in the gaps.
    The default penalty for violating license restrictions is ~$110 and ZERO points. The police person in question can impose a number of other penalties should they catch you being a moron. There's a little bit of a grey area in regards to riding unlicensed for the specific vehicle your operating at the time, but the way the penalties are set out you'd have to get a real hard ass to wear that one.

    A few nasty things to remember when considering doing this is...
    1. Your insurance policy is essentially void.
    2. TAC may or may not cover you. In the eyes of the TAC your operating a vehicle your not trained or legally permitted to operate and as such they're not very likely to play ball.
    3. SOME insurance companies (WQBE) frown heavily upon any act of violating a license restriction and will impose some pretty hefty excesses on you. That'll stay on your effective insurance record for ~5 years.

    Food for thought.
  17. Damn, that sounded like a good idea, til I check out the price!!! holy inflated price batman!!! :shock: