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NSW Fine for double parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Juleza, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. The grey ghosts just fined about 15 bikes on Victoria Street in Darlinghurst outside the private hospital in a designated bike parking area.

    For the last 2-3 years, 3 rows of bikes (approx 30 bikes) have been parking happily there within the boundaries of the bike parking area. Today, unannounced, they have fined ($200) the two outside rows for double parking.

    Any views on contesting this? and on what basis? What an utter waste of time to follow this up for the 15 of us...
  2. Well, if all 15 of you have left contacts for each other, check the definition of double parking, find a good lawyer and go for a class action.
  3. sounds like that will be more than the $200 for the fine!
  4. not if you put them up for costs, but I'll leave a lawyer to answer that.
  5. Write to or call your local member. Ask him/her to get right up 'em. That's blatant revenue raising.
  6. Where I'm going with this is I suspect that part of the definition involves the blocking of other parked vehicles. So if the bikes in the middle can get out satisfactorily, there is no issue.
  7. City of Sydney are hammering bikes lately - Clover only wants pushies I reckon
  8. I truly dislike Moore. With a passion. Having said that, she's always been very motorcycle friendly.
  9. I am not sure it looks like they are parking ebtween a parked vehicle and the far side of the road.


    189 Double parking
    (1) A driver must not stop on a road:
    (a) if the road is a two-way road — between the centre of
    the road and another vehicle that is parked at the side of
    the road; or
    (b) if the road is a one-way road — between the far side
    of the road and another vehicle that is parked at the side
    of the road.
    Offence provision.

    Sorry for bad news. A lawyer might be able to clarify if you have a case though as I am not trained.
  10. I'd be making a lot of noise about this to any and every state MP and the council. Clearly a move that benefits no-one accept state revenue.

    btw is it clover Moore's jurisdiction?
  11. It is, both as the mayor and the member for Sydney in the NSW lower. Though the council has jurisdiction for this.
  12. So Darlinhurst got pulled into Sydney City in the expansion a few years ago?

    If it was a council bomber then you win some support with the NSW new Liberal Government on this one.

    I'd say go as hard and noisy as you can with this as it might score some points for the team.
  13. Guys...thanks for all the posts.

    Not looking good on account of double parking definition and map of sydney motorcycle parking spots.

    The nearmap is handy, but the fact that double parking has been the standard for the last 18 months is probably no defence for us...unfortunately :(
  14. You are not likely to get out of it, but you might be able to make enough noise to discourage people of limited intellectual enforcing a law for the laws sake, to the detriment of all road users.
  15. I agree it's a poor move after allowing it for so long, but if you also look at Street View you can see part of the reason why they're booking people:


    The motorcycle parking area is basically restricted to the area in the corner - you have to be parked to the right of, and no further forward than, the angle line to be validly parked. From the various NearMaps photos you can see that 1 (and sometimes 2) car bays are being obstructed by additional bikes. Based on those photos the bikes not parked in the corner could cop any of the following fines, based on where they were positioned:

    • park continuously for longer than permitted - $86
    • not park wholly within a parking bay - $86
    • park in occupied ticket space - $86
    • double parking - $201
  16. Many motorcycle parking zones have dashed white lines on the ground both to mark them out and to make it clear that they are not part of the regular road.
  17. The interesting thing is that further along that street there is car parking on both sides of the road, which, as the road is a one way means that both sides of the road are parked illegally as per the rule I quoted.