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Fine for being too loud? (Vic)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by unknorm, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. With Waz/Undii getting his exhaust we've just been having a talk and the subject of "What if" came up with if the exhaust is too loud, what is the fine for it in Vic or does it fall into something else (like unroadworthy etc)?

  2. Don't you get a defective sticker and need to get another roadworthy?
  3. Caught by the EPA $500 on the spot fine.

    Pinged by a cop, a visit to a testing station for a decibel reading.
  4. What I dont get is how anyone can get pinged when just about every Harley on the road is smashing the ears of mother nature! :?
  5. Cos not many are brave enough to pull em over. Wait til the 'noise cameras' are up and running, takes a sound reading and a pic if needed... then the Harley boys will be in trouble.
  6. Are you serious???

    Sound cameras???

    Oh my gosh Vic Roads are lucky I don't live down there. I would cause them no end of trouble in protest to that kind of gayness...

    "Boss, boss! Here's ANOTHER photo of this guy in a Shoei helmet just standing there holding what looks like a cap-gun..."
  7. Fark, I swear Vic Police are going to start wearing swastikas on their sleeves soon!!
  8. Soon they will start taking pictures in cars that catch the mobile phone wankers talking whilst driving :p :LOL:
  9. Here in Vic if the EPA are doing on road checks they will test you with their certified and calibrated equip and you will get an on the spot fine for $500 if you don’t meet the requirement, then you have to comply and send them noise test cert or your reg will be cancelled :(

    Why do Harleys get pinged less often for noise some of you ask, Its not how loud your bike is, its more about perceptions.
    Coppers will look at a sport bike and notice the exhaust sounds noisy because it appears out of the ordinary, but when they hear a loud bike and turn to see it’s a Harley then this appears to be normal as they all sound like that and have always done so, coppers look for what’s not normal, everyone has been conditioned to the Harley rumble, it’s a soothing and hypnotic rhythm, people are not alarmed, in fact it makes them feel good.

    However the EPA guys are a different breed of animal, and Harley or otherwise makes no difference, these guys will ping anyone even a baby crying in a stroller.
  10. I am SOOOOOO glad this government has got their law enforcement priorities in order. I mean noise pollution is such a blight on society, especially when compared to the the rates of theft that occur, the drug problem, child assault, sexual assault etc etc.

    The 1st priority of every level of governemt in this country is to get re-elected. The 2nd, is to do whatever they think will assist in realising priority #1.
  11. Yeah dude, the priority government places on noise pollution really sh!ts me. A mate of mine runs the local hill climb circuit in Canberra, noise effects about 10 people in the surrounding area. The amount of red tape and bullsh!t he has to go through to keep the place running is ridiculous.
  12. Sound cameras would be extremely easy to implement. But no government would spend the money as they wouldn't be able to make squillions out of it in the name of safety.

    Perhaps money would be better spent on developing tailgating cameras...
  13. Thanks for the replies! Very helpful. Waz just came back in commenting how riding has become 100 times easier. Being louder, people/cars move out of his way all the time. No one spontaneously walking in front of him while lane splitting and the like. Wish this could be taped, it proves without a doubt it leads to preventing lots of possible accidents and the like.
  14. Fine for being too loud? just ask your nearest American!

  15. haha, This is sooo true. What gives? :shock:
  16. Dan: The sound cameras have already been up and testing mate. There was an article about it in the Herald Sun a couple of months back... i think it was along Princes Hwy near Chapel St where they had it set up.
  17. thats the dumbest shit ive heard. im moving to darwin.


    fcuk you I wont do what ya tell me!!
  18. my instructor said he has his loud 'cause they're his safety pipe... he said if your bike is too quiet cars will not hear you are present very well (thus; would be hard to see 'cause cagers most times only look in their mirrors and not head checks :)

    my cbx250(siiik bro) has a loud exhaust but it looks factory....... compared to the cb250 I did my test on... they were dead quiet.
  19. Sometimes I think you're a genius, Ktulu. :LOL: :LOL:

    Rest assured, I'll take up your plan if they do implement them!
  20. oh well im sure ill have to watch out for those cameras my new arrow pipe will be here from germany next week it should be fairly loud its a race can just means i will have to lane split more often and hope the car next to me cops the fine lol