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NSW Fine/Demerit point information

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chillertek, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Does anyone know where I can download a complete list of Fines/Demerit point offences for NSW, QLD, VIC, SA? I'd like a PDF copy if possible.
    I've checked the Rta websites but they only list speeding offences in most cases. I want more detailed info. Could this be found on some government websites? Shouldn't this information be free issue to public?

  2. Roads corporations do not provide a full list of offences, maybe due to the large number of offences. The fine amount is indexed annually as well.

  3. Thanks Justus. Wouldn't there be some information under the freedom of information act somewhere with this info?
  4. Wow, you have to pay for this free information. I didn't see that coming....
  5. It has never been free, and it will end up costing you a lot more than $30 too. That is only the application fee.

    If your application is accepted, you then pay for the processing time, $30 per hour. In Vic, it is around the $24-25 mark.

    Now you know why no one bothers. Make do with the information that is publicly available.

  6. What total bullshit this info is not readily available. Gees there are some morons running this country
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  7. when we loose points, how long is it before we get them back again? 2 or 3 years?
    please say 2 3:)
  8. Nope, in NSW it is 3 yrs now.
  9. Sorry can't give you the answer you want, 40 months in NSW.
  10. Thanks cjvfr.

    Its 3 years irish
  11. 3 yrs in QLD also
  12. cheers for that folks. another year and 14 days to go then.... not that I am counting.:(
    6 points in one hit is a painful thing.:eek:
    but shit happens, I spose.
  13. its freedom of info not free info it has to be collated printed and sent time is money i have heard of some applications costing thousands oh and 3 years vic to
  14. WTF?


    Ride motorcycle with 4 or more unhelmeted passengers $1315 6 points
    Rule 270 (1)(b)
  15. big motor bike
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  16. You don't actually lose the demerit points in 3 years, (nsw) they, apparently, just fade away ....(good song that :) )
  17. Doesn't matter what state you are in, demerits points stay with you for life.

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  18. That s what I meant in the term fade away........but are still there...strange isn't it?