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VIC Fine & Defect Notice for Tail Tidy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by iGSXR, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Few weeks ago on a pleasant Sunday I was thinking how good is life!!

    So... why was I so ecstatic about life . Well I had just finished a custard tart and a beautiful coffee, was with a good mate and about to hope back on my bike to head out to Yea to see a mate at his caravan, and then........blue lights......

    I did break the law and split the lanes near Healesville. Fair enough according to the law I was in the wrong. Loss of 3 points and a 220 fine

    As well I receive a defect notice for the tidy tail not meeting ADR standards. 45degree BS.
    7 days to fix or bike is deemed URW. All I could say is "Really.....Are you serious. What ever, go and get a life mate" to which he said "Well I could be a real prick and write you up as URW right now" (I went very quiet at that point)

    What a load of bullocks. Anyway just venting. Not going thru Healesville Again, spitting the dummy it's infested with unmarked under cover hard arses - Now where else can I get good custard tarts
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  2. Unfortunately your not the only one mate. They, for some reason find this more concerning then actual idiots on the road doing illegal stuff.. Partially the reason you were probably pulled over was the illegal road craft and thought he would just top it off with a tail tidy crapola
  3. What Law did you break ? Can I ask what the fine was for . what is written on the ticket ? thanks

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    Why aren't you thickheads not boycotting that area and letting the local businesses know why. A full boycott of the area by all riders publicised soon puts pressure on the local members.
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  5. A valid question, smee, but an equally valid one is why folk do this "tail tidy" business in the first place.

    It's not like ripping off the fender and rearranging the tail and turn lights is going to make the bike noticeably faster..... maybe the angling of the number plate does have some use, but it doesn't seem too flash an idea if you get a ticket for it.

    Illegally modifying a motorbike to make it go faster in some non obvious way, yup, I can go along with that. ;)
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  6. Simply because it looks better. It might not be your taste or you may be too afraid to run a tail tidy, i would if i lived in nsw or vic as the po po really seem on it. Not so in sa. Aesthetically the bike looks better with a tail tidy. I just dont see why we need a guard when i see many many stuck up woman in their bmw x5 who have as much tyre showing as my bike but has tyres 3 times wider where is the need for these cars to have mud guards to stop rocks?
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  7. uploadfromtaptalk1364018461202.
    Close up with led indicators (brighter than factory ones). Looks so much better. Btw the indicators are legal distance apart
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  8. Expensive looks then. While you're at it, drop the condescending "you may be too afraid" crap, will you?
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  9. Why? Its obvious the police have some people afraid. Yes its the law but i havent really heard of anyone getting done other than on NR and only when in nsw or vic
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  10. :) Nice machine.

    I could live, quite easily, with the Before version, and might even consider extending the fender down lower, as guard from over enthusiastic monos.;)

    (I wonder how that might go down with the constabulary?)

    As you say it's a matter of taste.

    Trouble is, it's also a ticketable offence.
  11. I understand it is illegal. And i could live with the factory tail. But i couldnt live with the factory indicator bulbous look. The factory tail is manufactured in a way as to make it extrenely difficult to mount aftermarket indicators unless said indicators use the factory rubber mounts. Hence why i changed both. My next purchase will be this racefit slipon
    Its full titanium and uses the factory 02 sensor so will be great for tuning but will still be bloody loud. Word has it around 105db without db killer and 100db with it in
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  12. Fine!

    It would seem that the cops in SA are fairly laid back about this kind of thing.

    I would, however, suggest that you don't arrive at Pie in the Sky on the Old Road, just north of Sydney on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Personally, I'm not too keen on too much noise, the Ti weight saving, I can fancy, no problems.
  13. Agree i will run the db killer. Once again ots my favourite pipe for 3 reasons.
    1. Looks awesome and will go titanium blue gold after a ride
    2. They are a very boutique exhaust manufacturer from the uk. They make some of the finest exhausts and have the same equipment for testing as akrapovic.
    3. If you have an idea for pipes they will work with you to custom make pipes for you

    The full system is overrated as my blade already has titanium headers so not worth replacing. Btw cops in sa do book people for tail tidies but they dont do it randomly and only focus on that. Its more a case of attitude test for them i think.
  14. It's also illegal to leave a tow ball attached when not towing. Ever seen anyone get booked for that?
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  15. Everyone is allowed to do whatever they want to their bikes, its their bike... as they say each to their own.

    in the bike pictured above WITH the original and without... the original looks fine imo..

    may look good but if you ride in areas where there is lots of police and you know its illegal, and you know the police are pedantic about it... just need to raise that revenue.. WHY on earth would you bother?

    save yourself the money!!

    if you want the tail tidy on there, don't whinge every time you get pinged for it.
  16. You fail so hard. :confused: I wasnt the one defected i was simply making a point to a question of why. I wont whinge if i receive a defect. Also comprehend the post a couple posts down that states i would have kept the original IF i could fit aftermarket indicators to it
  17. VicPol is going crazy over nothing. Tail tidy is not a safety item, don't even bother with trying to argue the point.
    I know of two people on Duc's who have both been defected for open clutch covers because of moving part, well how about chains, sprockets and wheels or the stinking hot exhaust?
    I've been done for noise and I've had the EPA in a tail spin for a few weeks now.

    My motto is, 'I'll play by the rules if you can show me the rules'. Hence why I question the cops and why I'm questioning the EPA. I hate people who say 'just fix it' or along those lines, especially when they don't know they are talking about.
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  18. A ducati is not a ducati without an open clutch basket. Had one on my 1098 with only a tiny guard to stop your toe going in.

  19. sir it is you who "fails so hard"

    the post wasn't directed at you it was just a generalised post, up until i mentioned your bike... saying i don't mind the original, and then it was back to a generalised post.

    did not mention you at all mate.

    You seem mad...
  20. I couldnt give two sh*ts about how beige you want to live your life mate.
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