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SA Fine and losing licence interstate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waynemac, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. I had a 5 day ride recently through 3 states and today I got a $397 fine for 131 k in a 100 zone. Fair enough (not really but hey!) but I also lost my license for 30 days. Now the strange thing is that I live in SA and have an SA license and this 'incident' occurred in Victoria. Does anyone know for sure if this effects my SA License? Do I just pay the fine for my dastardly criminality and forgot the license issue as it is interstate. Any comments/knowledge appreciated.

  2. A suspended license is a suspended license. Nationally unfortunately.
  3. Not quite that simple...
  4. Pay the fine and see whether a cancellation notice turns up. While the NSW and Vic systems integrate in terms of points and cancellation for many years this was not the case with SA. They have to notify you in writing of the cancellation periods so wait and see what happens.
  5. Yep, check, and make sure it is a cancelation offence in your state, in the past nsw had 3 points for 1 to 15km/h over the limit but it was 1 in victoria, and the penalty demerits would be done in victoria as 1 point.

    So best to just pay the fine, and then wait and see if any cancellation turns up, but i would assume even if it doesn't get cancelled in south oz, you still will be unable to ride in victoria for that period
  6. Again not necessarily that simple..usually what happens is that you pay the fine, then the license issuing authority in your home state is notified of the offense and may deduct points, suspend license, etc...in some situations the state where the offence took place may also suspend your right to drive/ride in that state...but this does not always happen.

    I'd do a little bit of research and check to see if the Vic police are authorised to cancel a SA license on the spot.....my suspicion would be that they are not, but I may be wrong.