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Finding your model number (GPX250R)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by engels, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Hey peoples,

    I finally got my first bike, yew. Anyways I've been going to insure it but have had a bit of trouble.

    When I goto InsureMyRide it asks me for the model number and it returns;

    # 2006 KAWASAKI GPX250R EX250 F19 SPORTS , , 248 CC
    # 2006 KAWASAKI GPX250R EX250 F7F SPORTS , , 248 CC

    The problem is I can't find out if it's either the F19 or the F7F. I didn't get a manual with it and between the paper work and the bike itself we can't seem to find a specific number.

    If anyone has any information that would help to locate it would me much appreciated.

  2. Is there really that much difference in the insured value? When I insured my bike I called aami and simply said "bloody old gpx250".
  3. The F19 is valued at $5100, F7F $5300. I was just more concerned on the fact of it not actually being my specific model number they could use that to void the insurance in said crash, or something similar.
  4. Aren't those numbers/letters usually part of the VIN? Check that out on your bike and see what you find.
  5. Maybe give your local Kawasaki service centre a tingle and ask - it'd probably come down to the manufacture date (year/month).
  6. I know this is a long shot but did you (or anyone else) have any luck finding out which model it was. Bought my wife an '06 GPX 250 and am having the same problems with insurance. They ask if it's a F19 or a F7F. I've rung the guy who has it, he's gone through the manual with no luck. Problem being I'll be riding it back from Ballarat tomorrow.

    Guess I'll just take a punt and just pick one, get it covered, hope like hell there's no incident on the way back and find out properly once home.
  7. Hi Jorge - what time are you going out there? I'll send Greg GPXKermit to see if he knows how to differentiate.
  8. Should get there around 11. I've just got off the phone with insurance and gone with the "F19" after googling both (still guessing for now), but any help that confirms it one way or another is appreciated.

    If Greg GPXKermit can help, more than happy to pass on my number.

    Cheers Cheeba.
  9. Unfortunately he doesn't know. I assume you're going on the train are you? If you fancy a cupper or cold beer on your return leg, we're en route in Sunshine West (just near the Western Ring Road/Boundary Rd exit of the new Deer Park bypass. I'll PM you my number if you'd like to call in; otherwise I'll catch you in the future :)

    I'll be out and about on the new ride tomorrow; if it wasn't complicated arranging a meeting spot I would be up for doing a section of the ride with you.
  10. No train, will be driving up with the family, make a day of it, probably Sovereign Hill and then riding back late afternoon.

    Would be good to catch up for a ride another time though. Must say, very nice choice in the FZ6.(y)

    Anyway cheers for your help.
  11. Nice one - well safe ride. Shame Lulu and I are not out at our block in Clunes this weekend which is only 30kms from Ballarat. Good to hear your wife is trading up too. Have to say I am loving the FZ (and the airhawk seat I got on Wednesday! ;) )

    Louise is loving the Sachs too

    Would love to meet for a ride soon though, will send number via PM.

    Cheers Jorge!
  12. ring your local kwaka dealer, tell them your VIN number, they can punch it into a database for kwaka warranty/recalls and find out everything you need to know, right down to specific paint codes if you ever need them.
  13. Just did that, and it's come up as an EX250F6F. Thanks for that.