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Finding the answer....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by deyago, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. I lost my other thread but didn't want anyone to think I was ungrateful for the help so thanks awfully much for all the good advice fellas! It makes me feel much better and a part of the Community Of Motorcyclists. I really see that I should HTFU as a couple of people suggested but I'm trying to avoid Mum at the moment...well, ever since the lawn mowing "incident" actually. Mum can hop around really well now and a wooden leg behind the ear really stings! Ouch! I think some warm milk and her favourite Barry Manalow right before bed might be just the ticket so I'll report back on how that goes.

    Dad is a harder nut to crack. These days whenever I see him it's Temporary Australian this and Dead Man Walking that... honestly, it's bad enough with the stresses of being a Junior Assistant Weekend Salad Bar Team Leader at Roy's Steak 'N' Shrimp without having to deal with him to. He's taken to throwing Mr Widdles (Mum's giant Ragdoll cat) over the shower curtain at me each morning to "sharpen my reflexes". Only things getting sharp at the moment are Mr Widdles' claws! I'm practically bright red from all the mercuracrome I've had to use to disinfect the scratches. Although, last two mornings I "sensed" Mr Widdles being launched at me so perhaps he's right like he always says he is? Could this be my "biker sense" developing?

    I have another plan though. Dad and I like to go fishing. I've always been quite the fisherman, be it with net, rod or quarter stick of dynamite. So what I think I'll do it take Dad fishing and see how many we can catch...I got at least two last time.
  2. You keep this up Chairman might lose his 'Netrider's Resident Humourist' title :LOL:.
  3. I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about :) . I seem to have misplaced the last thread and just had to share my neato ideas with the helpful folks from before. I think an absent minded mod might have put it in his pocket and "accidentally" left it in limbo. Surely my serious issue deserved better treatment than that? If only a sense of humour was as easy to develop as my Mr Widdles School of Biker Sense...*SIIIIGH*

    Now, off to warm milk and find the Barry's Best Of albums...
  4. You might consider taking your dad fishing, and coming back without him.
  5. Stephanie McLean used to do that with Barry Sheene. Very effective by all accounts.
  6. :rofl:
    crazy foo'
  7. Have you tried Leo Sayer or LRB - I believe they can be quite soothing...

    I'd personally avoid Neil Diamond and Tom Jones - unless you want your Mum and Dad occupied with other thoughts at that time of the night, getting ready to perform a little bit of the old in-out! :wink:

    I suppose that would take their minds off things, though... :p

  8. I'd suggest buying a Hallmark 'Thank-you' card for you dad, express how thankful you are that he is assisting with your motorcyclist training. Clearly he has your best interests at heart, as a young man it can be hard to see his end intentions. Perhaps some family counseling would be beneficial to promote heartfelt sharing of thoughts and emotions too.

    To further increase your riding skills before you venture out onto the deadly roads I recommend buying a PS2 and the riding simulator application 'MotoPG'. I spent a few months honing my skills on this highly accurate simulator before booking in for my scooter license. It must have helped because I passed the test third time, which is amazing as that is the first test I have passed.

    I hope this helps you. Just one last piece of helpful information before I go, left glove first.
  9. Dunno who removed the other thread but thanx for the laugh on this gorgeous Tuesday morning :rofl:

  10. Yep - shark fishing sounds like a good idea...
  11. Sooooooooooooo, how'd the Milk and Manilow go?

    Oh, and what are the promotion prospects at the Steak 'n shrimp bar? Your dad might look at you differently if you climb the corporate ladder some.

    Good luck bud...