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finding owner of a registration number?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by removed-6, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know how I can find the owner of a certain vehicle via it's registration number?

  2. private investigator
    I think if u call rta they give u limited details (dont know what that means)
  3. Is the vehicle NSW registred?
    If so it can be done.
  4. Have a collision with it?
  5. Nah, Vic reg'.
  6. I'd like to know too.

    I did find out once - it went like this... a car merged into my car. We stopped. He was all in my face about it being my fault... so I took his rego details down and asked him for his licence. He scarpered.

    I reported the incident to the police giving all details and pressed charges. I reported the incident to my insurance.

    At some point later I asked for the police report from the insurance company and they gave it to me. The registered address of the other vehicle was on the police report. The police were not able to pursue the charges because the gentleman "could not be found".

    I thought a few times about giving that address a visit... but went with being a bigger man than that... incidentally the address was in Bacchus Marsh...

    You can do a basic check on RTA / Vic roads against a car rego, but only very general non identifying details.
  7. you need someone on the inside triway ;)
  8. Correct.

    I'll see if a guy I know still has his contact and let you know mate.
  9. Good luck. The Police know, but they won't help you. The RTA can't. The insurance company can do it too, but it's often in their favour not to give it to you.

    I was in the unfortunate position to need this not once, but TWICE (lucky I guess) and both times the beaurocracy trumped over justice.
  10. Personally, I wouldn't want it to be easy to get this info. If someone nearly kills me on the road because they are a tool, and I give them some horn and the middle digit salute to say thank you, I don't want that same tool coming round my place to continue the "discussion". It is bad enough that in an accident you have to exchange full details. The idiot who threatened to thump me after HIS tub of glue hit me on MY side of the road had my address details and I was keeping an eye out for a few weeks after the incident.
  11. it is frightening how easily this info is attainable though.
    on several occasions we have managed to retrieve the details of road users in less than half an hour.
    it reminds me that if i can get the info, so too can anyone if they really want to, so i try to behave accordingly.
    i dont really see it as "right" but when you feel you really need to discuss something with a "hero" or similar, you'll just about do anything.
  12. So are you going to tell us how?
  13. Here in Vic police have gotten into trouble using the LEAP database to conduct those sorts of "enquiries".

    Same thing with some bureaucrats who worked for Vicroads as well.

    Be handy though, sort of like having a reverse number phonedisc....
  14. Yeah, but they still do it. Proved very handly after some prat ran a red and cleaned me up!

    The constable (also a rider) gave me enough information to allow my lawyer to track hime down.
  15. I have three words for you;

    Damned privacy laws!
  16. But was this in the course of a normal investigation? It's when they go "browsing", like one copper who got knicked for checking out an ex girlfriend's details.
  17. If you were involved in an accident, the Police report is available to you, it will contain all you need and more. If you were not involved in an accident, it is still available to you, however I'm not going to post the method by which you can get it on a public forum.

    Do some smart thinking..
  18. I did.......

    and the smartest thing I could come up with was asking you guys! :oops:
  19. I got your PM, can't PM back, I'm not allowed.

    Why is it that you want to contact them?
  20. Need the spare key!