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Finding outstanding service campaigns/recalls S1000R

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Simonr23, May 8, 2016.

  1. ive bought an early release s1000r, that's done bigger all kms and still under factory warranty. I want to see if there's a 'master list' of bmw recalls that I should have done(or see if already done)

    From my googling I've found out that there's is an updated coolant tank/lid to address coolant Evap/loss. So I'll call the dealer on monday. I don't trust the dealer to be upfront enough though, to tell me all the issues.

    Is there somewhere I can find a list? I have done some googling already.

  2. Actual recalls are on government website.
  3. There's no recalls as far as I'm aware...
  4. Perhaps a service bulletin is a better term. A bmw initiated recall, rather than a third-party. Th coolant bottle is the one I found. Sometimes called a campaign. Maybe there aren't any and that's awesome if so.

    Edit- I found a reference of intake valves being replaced in the early models, but I could t find any proper info about it. If any owners(or lurking dealers) have any info, please share!
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    Helpforcars.net/tsb only has 2 sb's for 2015 (only model listed) one for stickers, and one for the flapping fairing (they stick in a screw in case the glue lets go)

    Must be other sites?

    Could.also ring around different dealers, say you just bought bike, and want to check for outstanding sb's

    Allworldauto.com/tsbs has a couple more
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  6. I have a 2014 and so does my mate. He has had different service bulletins to me. His bike is 4 months older and needed the valves done where mine did not.
    I have found the BMW dealers to be very good in regard to service bulletins. At my 10K service they initiated the recall for a replacement clutch perch with no prompting from me, so I would make your first port of call the dealer. They also initiated his top end work without being prompted.
    They will be able to tell you what service bulletins are applicable to your particular bike, and also whether or not old service bulletins have already been performed.
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  7. Thanks both :)