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Finding neutral

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hopeless, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. I recently bought a 1988 FZX750. 38800 miles on the clock ( Genuine) the thing rides great and changes gears smoothly etc. However I find it difficult to find neutral, particularly from 1st which seems odd to me. Clutch is Hydraulic and no leaks. oil is less than a week old as it was serviced when I bought it.

    motor is same as the FZ750 of the era.

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  2. I bet you'll be like me and find it by accident when changing into 2nd. Grr.
    Have you tried finding neutral while the bike is in motion eg. Rocking it back and forth. I found that worked on my little yamaha yz80
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  3. Neutral is to some bikes/riders what the clitoris is to some male lotharios - they know its there but its hard to find....:rolleyes:
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  4. Yeah tried that, no different. Seems easier to tap In easier from second.
    tgey replaced the oil resovoir at the service so I might bleed it later.
  5. its easier to find a clitorus than neutral here.!!!
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  6. Ahh the elusive neutral. Hmm I'm out. Is there a manual that came with it? Or if you have contact with the previous owner?
  7. My old hyo was the same and I found it easier to find neutral while I was coasting to a stop
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  8. Yea myoman I have an owners manual. It just says to see the service department if you have issues with the clutch. Problem with coasting is that my driveway is uphill and as I get to the top I have to park.
  9. I get that from time to time on my xvs, I found that by letting the clutch bite a little in 1st, then going to neutral works for me.
  10. Ok, I bled the clutch(no air that I could tell) and sdjusted the pedal down to a more natural position. Seems much better now. Maybe I was putting too much force on it as it was a bit of a reach?
    Anyway will see how it goes over the next week.
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  11. I assume you mean the clutch reservoir? The vast majority of bikes use a glycol-based hydraulic fluid; use of oil is rare.

    Ergonomics can have a surprisingly significant impact on how a bike rides :nod:.
  12. yeah Dot 4 is the "oil" in this case ;)
    yeah spent the afternoon adjusting pedals, handlebars and suspension. makes a big difference (y)
  13. I'm lazy, I'd turn the engine off at the top of the drive, and then find neutral.... :LOL:
  14. My old Kwaka had neutrals to spare, I could've given you some.
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  15. I have one between 4 and 5. If I'm being a bit I'm being a bit immature at the lights its easy to find!!!
  16. Yeah but my driveway is uphill!
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  17. Wouldn't that give you more reason to keep it in first?
  18. nah, the top of driveway is flat. Just uphill for 3 metres or so then flat for the carport.
  19. It's a 1980s Yamaha box. They all do that Sir.
  20. Probably a good call!!