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Finding my new naked 600-750cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Julien, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Guys

    I currently ride a 2007 GS500E. I bought it as my first bike. I now have a unrestricted licence and am ready to move on. It's been a fantastic bike easy to ride/reasonably powerful and quite cheap.

    I am looking at buying a naked bike again in the 600cc to 750cc range. Is there a good dealership in Sydney area where I could get good advice and test ride a number of bikes? Not sure whether they let you test ride easily...(I didn't test ride my GS cause I didn't have a licence when I bought it...)

    For the moment, in terms of look, I'm thinking street triple, Aprilia Shiver, Yamaha XJ6N or FZ6N (don't really understand the difference between these 2), Kawa z750 or ER6N. Happy to hear your thoughts. I want a reliable bike that doesn't cost a mint to service.

  2. I love my ER6n
    I got a quote for the 12k service at $250. They are a fun little thing, pretty nimble and the 2 cyclinder has a good range of useable power due to lower end torque.
  3. "Bike" magazine in the UK tested the "cheap and cheerful" nakeds last issue and the FZ6 came out on top.
  4. ER6n is probably your cheapest option. It was one of my options when I was looking around also.

    No Ducati 696 in that list :(
  5. Eventhough I am a big Ducati fan and owner of 2 Ducatis, I would not get a 696 over a Street Triple R, unless you just like the sound of the V-twin. Street Triple R is a cracker of a bike for the money.[/quote]
  6. Maybe take a look at the KTM 690 series too.

  7. +1. I also have an er6n and love it. Its advantage is the engine was designed for this bike rather than being a detuned sport bike engine. I thought about the Z750 but its older technology and a fair bit heavier. (I was coming off a 250).
  8. I was out in Sydney looking at bikes recently, Bikebiz at Parramatta seem quite reluctant to let you test ride unless you are 90% sure that you are ready to do a deal on the bike, plus they have to come out with you and the roads around there are crap so hard to judge the bike. They had a $1500 excess on a used bike test ride.

    Alto at Chatswood were more accomodating, they let me take out a Versys and a Z750 without any supervision and the roads around there are much more varied (Fullers Rd/Delhi Rd to Epping Road is good). They have a $3000 excess.

    That is all I managed until I decided I would not upgrade at this time.

    Best advice is just get out there and ride them all if you can! Have to say that the Z750 (2007+) is a great bike but I am sure others are too and it comes down to what you click with in the end.

    Happy hunting!

  9. +1 for the Street Triple. Well worth a test ride at least :)
  10. The Honda Hornet 600 is also worth considering, it's a hell of a bike for the money! (It's a fair bit cheaper than the Triumph if your budget is a bit lower).
  11. Thanks for all your comments guys. Keep them coming. Really useful.

    I really need to find a dealership where they let you test ride... I can't believe that they are so reluctant. When you buy a car they always let you test drive.
  12. Don't overlook the KTM Duke (not Superduke)
  13. Nip up to Newcastle if you're having trouble getting rides. Brisans and Frasers were both great for test rides when I was up there last. All the dealers are very close together (like within a few hundred metres). It's decent spot for test rdes too.

    Another vote for the Street Triple too after having owned one, depending somewhat on your height and size if you plan to do longer trips. But it does very well at that too if it's a good fit for you.
  14. I test-rode an er6n, and then an SV-650. I don't know if it was just that particular example, but the gear-box and engine on the er6n felt inferior to those of the SV.

    So I got the SV. Not the best-looker, but it was the right bike for me :) Might be worth a look.

  15. Im looking at an SV650s at the moment. Just waiting the month until I can test ride one myself... Any issues with yours?
  16. I was looking at the sv650 as well when shopping around.
    I found that that the S slightly more aggresive seating posistion then the normal sv650 which wasn't much of my cup of tea. Though I see you have a ninja atm so it may not be much of an issue for you.

    There is an aus sv site. svdownunder from memory, they will give you heaps of info on the sv650 / s.
  17. +1 for the Street Triple also... and if you are buying new definitely get the R Spec! I cant say enough for the handling and make of this bike, it just blows everything out of the water! Read any review anywhere in the world, and it cosistantly comes out on top... and thats just the base model they review. You may have tourbles finding on second hand though, which is a tribute to the quality and popularity of these bikes.

    Mine has only cost me around the $200 - $250 mark to service, and I've put 8,000kms on it already. I'm 6'3" and have not had any troubles with disomfort due to my height at all.

    +1 FZ6N or S as well. Was suitably impressed with for a commuter bike / weekends of fun.
  18. No issues at all with mine, it's been faultless - though I've only had it for four or five weeks. From what I've read on various sites though, there's not really much that goes wrong with them.

    Like Geeth said, this is the Aussie SV site: www.svdownunder.com
  19. Hey Julien,

    Since I am moving overseas in 3 weeks I urgently need to sell my blue Er6n bought 5 months ago at BikeBiz. It's like new, just finished the break-in, and I'm considering reselling it to BikeBiz.

    If you are interested (also for a test drive) let me know.


  20. Read plenty of reviews, then narrow your choices, check out Bike Sales and call a few dealers and ask if they do test rides

    Stuffed if I know what it is about BikeBiz - "are you buying today" - wouldn't buy there on principle :p