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Finding it hard to switch to neutral after oil top up

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Layzie, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Hey guys.. I noticed that there was no oil on the dipstick in my cb250 when i pulled it out. So I topped up some oil this morning for the first time (iv only had the bike for 3 months).
    I used some left over Penrite HPR5 5W-40 engine oil that i used for my car.
    Whilst riding to work this morning I found it a bit hard finding Neutral and even the down shifting seemed a bit harder than usual. Now it got me thinking... did I use the right oil? The label says that is can be used on 4 stroke-engine motorcycles.
    Or is this normal?

  2. Drain it and go to a bike shop and get proper motorbike oil
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  3. Any recommendations on the brand/type of oil? I know that the viscosity grade should be 10W-40..
  4. Layzie, did you check the owners manual to see how the level should be checked? Usually you need to hold the bike upright when checking the oil. You may have over filled it.

    I disagree, unless the OP wants to spend money for no reason, the oil he put in is a proper motorbike oil. The only oil you don't want in a motorbike with a wet clutch are the ones with friction modifiers.
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  5. Yeah I did go through the owners manual prior to topping it up.
    I put it on center stand, started the bike up for 5minutes, turned it off and waited a few minutes.
    Pulled out the dipstick, wiped it off then put it back in (not screwing it back in) and pulled it out and there was nothing on dipstick.
    Topped it up with the Penrite HPR5 oil and 'I THINK' i may have over filled it. After following the same steps above, the oil level was over the maximum line.
  6. As BjpittBjpitt sort of mentioned, most car engine oils have friction modifiers in them which is no good for a motorcycle that runs a wet clutch with the engine oil.

    Some diesel engine oils can be used, otherwise stick with motorcycle engine oils. You can spend the rest of your days googling this for opinions..

  7. It's actually easy. Every oil that is "JASO MA" rated is suitable for motorcycle wet clutches, they don't have friction modifiers. Penrite HPR5 5W-40 has this rating.
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  8. it might just be harder to downshift/find neutral because there is a normal amount of oil in there, as opposed to not much at all :)
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  9. Definitely overfilled it. Got home from work and went back to check on the bike after half an hour and oil leaking from somewhere. Looks like its coming from the carb seals?!
    Ended up draining it.
    Gona leave it draining over night and will get some new oil tomorrow.
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  10. From the carb seals? That's a worry...

    From memory, this bike takes 2.9l of oil after draining. Overfilling is BAD.
    You can suck out oil through the filler hole with a clear plastic tube, in case it happens again.
  11. Not 100% if its leaking from there. I'll give it a good clean before I add oil and hope nothing leaks again :/

    How does it take 2.9L of oil after draining if there should only be 1.5L? Just checked the oil pan and its drained about 2.5L and i cleared out the crankcase breather also.
  12. Every now and then my CB250 can be a little reluctant to go into neutral. Getting neutral from first is sometimes difficult, but going down to neutral from from second is extremely unlikely to be a problem. Oil doesn't seem to be an issue. It doesn't seem to have used any between changes in the last 10,000 k (the bike is now over 45,000).
  13. My Bad. Sorry. It's not 2.9L. That's my bike.

    1.5L sounds closer to the mark. Your manual will tell you, anyway.

    I remember not pouring much in and since there's no filter, I was doing changes every 3K.
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  14. left it overnight to drain and its still dripping. i leaned it to the right for a few minutes and back on the kickstand and a heap more oil came out. i might be too obsessive but how long should I be draining it for and should i be shaking the bike to get as much as i can out?
  15. Yeah a little obsessive, no harm though. They would leave it for half an hour at most when getting a factory service I would think, most likely five minutes though.
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  16. The penrite site has a selector section on what oil they recommend for what bike.Good oz company. Its worth ringing around to find what they recommend,sometimes its hard to find in the shelf
  17. Yeah sweet. I'll be going to Autobarn later to get the Penrite MC4ST 10W-40 oil. They've got 20% off storewide at the caroline springs store with the shop a docket.
  18. BTW that comes in Mineral semi synthetic and full synthetic. Its a bit hard to tell so read the label. Nearly caught me out when I was running in after an engine rebuild. Now its a real oil thread,take cover
  19. Im going to go semi-synthetic and get this one.. PENRITE MC4 SAE 10W50 SEMI SYN 4L
    plus much cheaper than the 10W-40.