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QLD Finding Insurance for a 2007 Kinlon

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bluefang, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. I made a huge mistake converting a 2007 kinlon KBR200 motorbike to full electric, the conversion went very easy, the registration and passing ADRs was a pain in the ass until i learned alot. Now i find out that insuring it is starting to turn out to be impossible. I have called as many of the major motorbike insurance companies as i can think of, but none will insure a 2007 Kinlon KBR200 as they are not on their books, one came close but due to it having a engine conversion to electric they said no. Now i have a wickedly fun bike to ride thats now registered.....but i still can not ride it.

    So my question is anyone know of a insurer that has a 2007 Kinlon KBR200 on their books?

    Next time i ll convert a main stream bike like a honda or a yamaha :(

  2. have you tried Shannons?

    they do bikes,
    they do modified cars
    they may do modified bikes
  3. +1 I think Shannons would be about your only choice. Otherwise try a Insurance broker, they are used to putting together packages for strange weird and wonderful. Good Luck.
  4. I just found one yesterday morning, Shannons is useless. They would not even consider insuring my bike and then when they found out i had not had a open licence for atleast more then 1yr they could not hang up fast enough, fyi they are just a reseller for motorbike insurance. The closest i managed in Australia was Youi.

    Ended up going through a broker called Wallace risk management. Currently have the bike insured with a New Zealand insurance agency. May have been able to get the bike insured in Australia if it was a normal bike but been a Kinlon that most people dont have on their list and also electric is was a no win situation.
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    An advertiser on this site (y)

    They also do Track day insurance I believe for the trackers.
  6. i know about them not insuring the bike if you dont have your blacks.
    if only their bike insurance was like their car insurance... you should see the list of mods i have insured on my Morris... or even funnier, the list of things that are stock.
  7. Out of interest did they give you a Lams designation for the bike as well.