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Finding engine specific wreckers in Sydney?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by someonestolecc, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    My GPX250 valve got stuck and broke some things in the engine so I'm looking for a wrecked one.

    I've google'd, looked through the links directory, searched and looked through the partners but not sure if there are any specifically well known wreckers for engines (that give warranty for example).

    I've contacted only 2 (as it's after hours) and will be hitting the "yellow pages" tomorrow - just wanted to ask if there was a "known" few usual suspect wreckers that netrider people called first in these situations; would prefer to give my business to a known and well community regarded place(s).

    Apologies if this isn't the right forum - I didn't think it fit in the vendors forum as it's not really about a specific vendor, though if you need to move it no worries :)

  2. +1

    I needed some parts for my Yamaha Zeal and used findapart.com.au

    I sent an inquiry through on Sunday and by Monday afternoon I had received e-mails from 3 wreckers. One in WA, one in Melbourne and one in SA. It is an excellent service for finding parts and comparing prices from different wreckers
  3. I like Metropolitan on Silverwater Rd,wreckers are a bit of a dieing bread these days
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  5. Jay and the boys and sydney motorcycle wreckers euston st alexandria is a treasure trove.
    jay is a good bloke and very funny also. ask him if he has the part, or root around upstairs.....
  6. There's also Liverpool Wreckers in Emu Plains (Penrith) - have bought a fair bit of K parts from them :)
  7. the formula for wreckers is get the money back they payed for the bike on the engine and the rest is profit.

    Still try to haggle a bit. GPX engines aren't exactly going to be rare. They'd be happy to get rid of one.
  8. Thanks evel and zaphod - I will ring those places today.

    A bloke through the findapart service said he had one with 15,000km from a 2005 model. No warranty - it's in Perth (I'm in Sydney) so can't really check it. Kind of sucks but not sure what to do, at least if it's in Sydney I can drive there and whinge or get warranty - seems a bit crap if I pay the mechanic and it doesn't even start.

    Ibast - noone seems to want to move off their prices, seems a bit shit but I'll keep hunting. Not looking to put a $1000 engine into a $2000-3000 bike..

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. There's a 97zzr250 going at the salvage autions on the 23.

    Swap the engine into yours or get it going and wreck yours on fleabay
  10. salvage auctions?

    where how?
  11. PM sent