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Finding a tourer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by searchingmofo, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    Long time reader first time poster :S

    Sorry to make my first post a FIND MY BIKE thread =/ but im just after some advice on finding an all round tourer to travel around Aust. Ive been riding a couple of years on an aggressive 675 (sexy as, absolutely love this thing) it is a GREAT escape from the rat race and never fails to put a smile on my face, but recently ive been adventuring most of the brissy roads and while i still love the aggressive nature of the trouble making whore i think i need something a little more practical. This has been helped by a recent serious lack of demerit points, and a pillion.

    So im after something that i can tour on comfortably, with a pillion, but also fun and nimble enough to commute round town. Any advice will help for a list of bikes to test ride.

    Tiger - Being a bit of a trumpy fan the tiger has court my eyes, and i cant get this thing out of my head! but the lack of wind protection really seems to be an issue, and for me a big one if im going to be spending alot of hours on her.

    BlackBird - could be a bit big for general commute? Certainly big enough for luggage and pillion. I will test this one.

    Speed Triple/Street Triple/Hornet 900 etc - Nakeds! i had a cb400 prior to my 675, LOVED IT, lack of wind protection though.. long rides, fuel tank / luggage / pillion, not be big enough.. Have any of you guys toured on nakeds with pillions?

    So im kind of after something in between a big sports tourer and a nimble naked. I not going to be convinced on jumping on a cruiser, im sorry im to young! and going from a supersport to a cruiser, im just to used to nimble bikes, and its a bit daunting jumping on a 250kg dry powerhouse :s

    Any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks guys
  2. hello nice to meet you!

    Also take a look at the yamaha XJR 1300. Might suit what your after.
  3. VFR800. I've not owned one but friends who do rave about them. Fun through the twisties (for what it is) and easily capable of 2-up touring. Fairly upright seating especially if you raise the bars. Good wind protection. Pretty good resale.
  4. VFR probably rates first on most counts, comfy thing that can commute and chew up big bits of the country, best handler IMO of the sports tourers.

    coming in at second and weighing about the same but with a lazier motor and less weather protection is the Bandit 1250, honest and exciting if you want it to be

    My personal favourite is the ZRX1200 kawasaki which has enough screen to keep the pressure off your chest but wont cook you on a hot day through the mulga, a couple of Air-Hawks would be handy for the long stretches (or a Moorhouse custom job on the seat). This one and the Yamaha XJR have the least perch like pillion seat

    Yamaha XJR1300 if you are gunna be happy with a naked and an aftermarket screen (national cycle streetshield, whip it off for commuting and on for the long haul), good ergo's and a lovely honest motor.

    dunno where you'll be touring or at what time of year but on our side of the dividing range, lots of glass has a downside on a hot day and fatigue is not your friend.

    The solution is read tour reports till your eyes bleed, ask questions of any bugger who might know something and test ride til your arse is sore

    THEN................... go and buy the bike that gives you and the pillion the biggest all round buzz......... you may be surprised what you end up with

    Good Luck
  5. VFR+1, feel free to ask.
  6. The VFR or possibly one of the middleweight dual-purpose bikes... V-Strom 650, Versys, Transalp, F800GS or similar?
  7. I think you should test ride the new Triumph Tiger, it's got a great motor, good suspension travel for those rough country roads, decent weather protection and they are great fun to ride.

    One caveat... you'll need to be at least 175cm tall or you'll be on tippy toes becuase they have a tallish seat.

    If they are a bit too tall then try the Triumph Sprint ST (which will do exactly the same job as a VFR) but sounds better with a pipe :)
  8. I had a VFR now have an FJR it is the beast you need , esp if you tour two up . :grin:
  9. Another vote for the VFR. he did say he wants something a little nimble Sir Price :)
  10. another option..........
    More torque and grunt than you'll ever need........
    comfortable seating for two-up
    fit a rack, soft side panniers no probs + tank bag if you must.....
    Handles the Oxley twisties fine by me... :twisted:
    Chews up long distance at 3000rpm's


  11. +1 VFR.

    Mine will keep me amused for long to come.
  12. I'll ask the question...

    What about a CBF1000??? How is it compared to the Bandit or the VFR?

  13. FJR1300

    Best bike I've ever owned....by a country mile. I'm sure it will tick all the boxes.....I use mine every day for a 40km commute and on long rides it's absolutely magnificent.
  14. Hey there,

    I am after a sports tourer...I got my short list down to Honda VFR800, Triumph Sprint ST, and BMW F800.

    I test rode the beamer and the trumpy on Saturday side by side (well...after zooming between dealerships on my what now seems ultra slow ZZR250!)...I think I fell in love with the Triumph within about 3 minutes of driving out the door. Much more power on tap than the beamer...much smoother...and wow does it sound a whole lot better (BMW reminded me of a lawnmower with an exhaust). Both bikes comfortable for Pillion...similarish features...trumpy also won over as it comes standard with Panniers where as Beamer ones are >1K. The sprint also seemed to fit me better and felt a little more sporty and urgent which I liked.

    Both lovely bikes but I think the trumpy has it for me.
  15. Just take a look at parts of the trumpy. They look amazing and by all accounts are great to ride... but I've heard that the cost of triumph parts is absolutely obscene. Doesn't affect many people but if you're clocking up the k's I'd be more inclined to go soemthing Jap or (Shock/Horror) German.

    Edit: Track down "Spots" on the forum. He's got a trumpy he's put a few k's on. Long term bike review spots?
  16. Bloke at work commutes on a Blackbird. It's a competent all round big bore blaster. Great bike. . . . if Toyota Cameries float your boat.

    If you like the tiger then you have to take the v-stroms for a test.

    Triumph ST?

    I couldn't be happier with the quality of my Trumpy. I haven't had to buy many parts. They are apparently dear, but so was Suzuki (last bike I owned). I'll concede the Triumphs are dearer, but probably only 10-20% more. Probably similar to Honda and a bit better than BMW.
  17. G'day Rogues, and here I was about to suggest something beginning with a B :grin:

    ...... but in deference to your fine self I'll let it go.

    What's happened mate, the wife still away? :LOL: You seem to be posting everywhere at the moment.

    Garry from Oz.
  18. Someone called?
    (I was going to post something here last night but got distracted)

    If you're in the mood for really excessive verbosity, https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=52835&start=0 is the review I did of my Tiger a long time ago. :)

    I'd say the rider would need to be 6'0 to flatfoot the bike on both sides; The 835mm static seat height isn't toooooo tall, but it is quite a wide seat.

    The semi-faired nature isn't a problem for touring, IMHO - the screen takes a bit of pressure off your chest and places the air roughly around shoulder height. I've had no trouble putting in a few 1000+km days, interstate, including 1200km from Brisbane to Wollongong via the twisty backroads. But that's up to rider personal preference I suppose. :)

    Pillion pad is quite wide, with two nice grabrails and relatively low footpegs.

    Tiger weighs in at 197kg dry. Being so tall it takes a bit of confidence to really throw it around at slower speeds, but it's surprisingly agile for its size. Certainly not race-replica nimble, of course, but it's not race-replica uncomfortable on rough roads either. It's quite good around town; tight turning circle and enough height to see over cars and softroaders alike!

    Luggagewise, the OEM stuff is okay but it's rather small and rather expensive. Givi, Hepco & Becker 'n a bunch of other luggage companies support the Tiger 1050, though. :)

    Ultimately, your best bet is to take one (and all the other bikes you're considering) for a testride, of course. :)

    Obvious competitors to the Tiger 1050 would be the BMW R1200GS (wearing street tyres), V-strom 1000, Buell Ulysses, Ducati Multistrada, KTM 990 Adventure and the new version KTM built specifically to bash heads with the Tiger 1050... Long-legged 'all-roads' semi-faired sports tourers.
  19. Thanks for the heads up about the price of parts......I was also looking at the BMW F800ST so either way they will be expensive! Only using it for weekends pretty much so will take a while to crank up the Kms....
  20. I have a Sprint ST and I reckon it's pretty close to what you're after, although if you'll be riding dirt roads the Tiger would be the better choice between the two Triumphs. I'm surprised the ST never got a mention in the OP.

    The ST isn't a great commuter because of the power but most bikes over 250cc are more than you really need for commuting.

    If you really want to do some Sports Touring it's spot on.