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Finding a good mechanic?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by slygrog, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm getting my new bike serviced soon so I want to know how people find their favourite mechanics. The last mechanics I picked inspected and did repairs on my bike without picking up on the fact it was going to blow up. People have since told me they should have known. Understandably, I am now looking to improve my mechanic picking. Alternatively, I am taking suggestions on good ones in Sydney. I have done a search, but it's spitting out a bunch of random stuff.
  2. Unless you want to continue the trial and error method, I'd recommend just listening to the suggestions you are going to get on here.

    If you were in Melbourne I'd happily recommend a few places based on your suburd. I'm sure a few Sydney siders will oblige.

    Good luck
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  4. ^^^ What tiggers said.
  5. Bikesmith @ Blacktown

    couple of people from NR also go to them.

    They actually picked up a cracked fuel line that was causing starting problems for the VTR250 i had...and i had taken it back to the dealer 3 times and lost $550+ to them.
  6. I'd ask some family/relatives who ride motorcycles which mechanic they see.... I got 2... well only one who still rides...

    Gonna get a service at this new shop I found on suggestion from said relative.
  7. Lloyd penn is good however very expensive.

    Motorcycle Weaponry is the best, amazing service, great workmanship, cheap, and they often wont charge you for stuff that lloyd penn/a dealership will.

    Bit of a ride for you from Marrickville however. I would say its worth it though.
  8. Um... Why not, second hand it shouldn't be too expensive, and I've never ridden a sport bike... Looks purty too.
  9. Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers have impressed by every time I go there. Very down to earth and friendly, but very busy.

    In terms of picking a mechanic, I avoid the big dealers and look for the independent guys. Book in your bike for a minor service or new tires, have a chat and you very soon decide if you like them. The advantage of going to a smaller shop is that they remember you and the bike.
  10. +1 for the bike smith at blacktown [=