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Finding a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nickyb88, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a Honda CB400, but being a learner legal bike and not wanting to buy a brand new one - where's the best place to look for one? I'm located in NSW (Sydney) and have tried online places like bikepoint, bikesales and trading post.

    They seem to be really popular and sell quickly when a 2nd hand one comes up so if anyone knows for one that's going to be for sale then let me know :p

    Ciao you later!
  2. I assume you are talking about the modern one? Not the old school looking one?

    As you said they are VERY popular. You can go to dealers and get your name put on a list of people to contact when one gets traded in or you can check bikesales etc every day and try and get in first. Just remember, it's a sellers market at the moment, so don't expect keen prices or much room to negotiate.

    If you plan to keep it long term, fair enough, but if you are just looking to get through your learners then a vtr250 or similar is MORE than capable enough. Don't get too hung up on the engine size. :)
  3. Going with an old school one, as much as I'd love a new one I can't afford one!!!

    Any ideas on where to get one of those?
  4. unfortunately in NZ the chances of getting one are not real good, we only see 5 or 6 a year for sale in OZ and they do not last long on the market even if they are in boxes
  5. OP said