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News Find your Suzuki

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Suzuki Motorcycles is delighted to announce the launch of the “Stock Locator” feature on suzukimotorcycles.com.au

    Simplifying the online shopping experience, this new function allows the customer to pinpoint the location of the nearest dealer who is carrying floor stock and/or demonstrators of their chosen model.

    Located within the “View Availability” tab on each model page, customers simply enter their postcode, immediately presenting the nearest stocking dealers, the dealership’s address and contact details, colours in stock, demonstrator units ready for test rides and where applicable superseded models in stock for those looking for a great run-out deal or a particular colour scheme.

    Suzuki Motorcycles Marketing Manager, Lewis Croft says the new feature is a welcome addition to the company’s website.

    “This new feature sees another key marketing project completed in our on-going digital strategy, with further projects planned to be rolled out this year. No longer is a website just an electronic brochure leaving the customer with the envious task of phoning or visiting numerous dealers to locate their desired motorcycle, our new website is enhancing the connection between customers and our dealers” concluded Croft.


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  2. Great idea, shame it doesn't work.
    I tried looking for Suzuki DL650AL. Peter Stevens didn't show at all and I know they have stock. I found the colour and year I want only to contact the dealer and find they have no stock.
    And that map you see in the background... is just that, background. You cant use it to expand your search, you can only plug in one post code at a time until you find what you are looking for (unless you are very tech savy and realise that they send the whole list to the client and then filter it :angelic:).

    No points for effort on this one Suzuki!
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  3. I got redirectd to some ad the first time I clicked on the link. Second time it worked fine. Problem at my end or Netrider?
  4. I know where my Suzuki is.
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  5. I knew where my Suzuki was, until I sold it...