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Find... the underground part of a plant

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Dunno whether it's the 'sexiest woman' and 'sexiest man' threads, but the banner ads at the top of this site seem to have almost given up on pimping bikes and bike gear and to be all about dating sites.

    Sorry ladies, I'm off the market.

  2. im happy to fill that position for you, bravus :grin: :p
  3. theres a few 60 year olds here im sure will throw themselves your way :grin:
  4. ...well that explains why NR runs so intermittently at work... some of those banner add url's would get filtered by the filtering software and cause the site to hang.

    p.s. this should be in site discussion...
  5. I'm happy if it's moved there, but I started it more to play with the idea than to make any serious point about the ads.
  6. Another forum I belong to, we had a bit of a discussion about disposable vs cloth nappies (a couple of new dads, etc) and the banner ads all started showing places specialising in incontinence aids. :p