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Find the Cheapest Petrol

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Great, just as long as you don't live outside of Melbourne.
  2. NRMA has no similar site.

    Search for "Petrol Prices" leads to 28 results of Media Releases by the organisation, the most recent being one on September 16th 2004.

    Nice to see their spending our Membership Fees well, isn't it?
  3. Shell also has current fuel prices for the entire country on their website.
    Shell Price Search
    And unlike the RACV they recognise that there are places in Victoria other than suburbs of Melbourne.
  4. Doesn't include the Illawarra, only Sydney..
  5. Shell one does, much more comprehensive, thanks jd
  6. Kewl, seems like it's going to be very useful with all these sites :)
  7. only trouble is it keeps comming up with crappy petrol that even the most alcoholic derro would refuse to drink never mind put in a motorcycle
  8. Generally Caltex on Ballarat Rd (just past Maribynong Rd) is a good deal......
  9. I'm having trouble picturing that location...
  10. Just before the car wash joint........ 1km city side of Ashley St and Braybrook shopping centre (clive peeters / safeway).