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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Cambo, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. How hard is to organise financing for a bloody bike????

    Last July I walk into a Ford dealer. Say I have had my business for 2 years and can provide profit statmetns, forecast & bank statements. 1 week later I'm driving around in a Territory Ghia.

    I want a Honda VTR250. I am talking to my nearest Honda dealer who says we need, 2 years tax returns ,etc, etc, etc. I say I have my own business, so those items are useless, etc....I have now waited for 1.5 days for them to not say yes or no that they can organise financing based on the same info for the $50,000 car.

    I go into a dealer in hte city and they have the exact bike I am looking after, however, I'm in a rush, so I grab the sales reps business card. I send him an email. Yep, exactly what I'm looking for. Explain finiancing, etc that needs to be in comany name. What sort of info will they need.

    2 days later and I'm still waiting to hear back from dealers business manager.

    Meanwhile, we are getting to the stage where good weatherwill be vanishing soonish and I still can't get onto a bloody bike.

    I am getting so pissed off and might just give up on trying to get onto a bike.

    People will say, why dont you give them a call, etc, but I've been so busy I haven't been able to organise to give them a call. Email works a treat in that situation.

    So if anybody knows any dealers ready to sell a blue VTR250 based on finanicals, forecasts & bank statements then I would love to get their details.
  2. Why get your finance through a dealer?
    You can apply online through any of the banks, etc. And get better rates.

  3. I've been quietly advised by a few different sources to be careful if obtaining finance from a dealership. I am led to believe that the interest rates can be a bit of a killer if you're not careful... i.e: read -all- the fine print...! :deal:

    However if you're able to get a rate that you're happy with, then by all means jump at it!

  4. Why not contact the company who financed your car? They may even consolidate both loans into one!
  5. For such a small amount, why not get one of the better cr cards? The difference over a small amount and a small period of time will be SFA in interest, plus you can pay extra or draw more if you want to. Also, you OWN the bike for insurance purposes, not under finance.
  6. I had a similar experience.
    I am over 45 yrs old, own everything, 2 investment properties, a couple of classic cars, earn lots per year, and they wouldn't call me back!. Wife didn't want savings disturbed.

    Now, I wasn't going to finance thru them , unless they had a spectacular rate, because I run a car dealership, and I called our GMAC rep, and he sorted it in less than 30 minutes, yes at a great rate.
    But I wanted to find out if they would do a better 'package', when combining finance and the bike, commissions on all etc.
    Feedback I got later was - "they are not really interested because of the small amount involved"

    Now the dealership also sells an american brand that retails at 20 grand plus, and they tell me that they are really only interested in selling and financing these.

    Not sure how you can get over this, except stand in the dealership and demand to see the manager. If he doesn't want to sell things, then make him happy by doing business elsewhere!
  7. Some finance companies have strange T&Cs. I'm in the process of purchasing a house, and St George have approved me for around $450k of finance. Despite this, a few months ago (when I was completely debt-free) one of those 'Flexirent' type companies wouldn't approve me for a 24-month lease of $12 per week on a laptop :-s I could've made the repayments on that when I was 14 years old and working 6 hours per week peeling onions!

    If they don't want your money then fcuk them, go and get a better interest rate from a bank or credit union. Dealer finance is usually a rip off anyway.
  8. I have had honda finance on my first bike.
    They put your name in the computer and you tell them what you earn and what your morgage or rent payments are .........ect .
    ""10 Seconds"" later they handed me an approved letter for $15,000 MORE then I asked . :shock:
  9. I have had personal loans from Westpac, another one i have never used but i know is very good is National Bank.. Good luck with it all..