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Finaly i can turn right... and the cop just laughs...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Adrian Lewer, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. well after replying to a couple of threads today i went for a squirt before getting ready for work. went to the local shopping centre to have a coffee and breakfast. upon riding home i hit a rather familiar roundabout of which i navigate through everyday. not thinking much of it i was entering it to turn right and saw a police car doing a job on a car in the street i was about to go down... so i turn and kept looking at the copper who was now looking at me and you will never guess what my right boot was scraping the ground (FINALY THERE IS A GOD) so i had to do a u turn go back and try again.... yep got the boot down again.... and yep had to do it again. third time round the copper mush have thought i was being a dickhead so he flagged me behind his car as the car he was talking to pulled away. i flipped the visor and said hi how r ya, he promptly asked me to remove my helmet and asked for my permit. when i remover the helmet i had a dirty great big smile on my face and was looking at the roundabout, he asked what i though was funny and i told him all he could do was laugh his little heart out, gave me back my permit and told me to piss off.....

    so after he had got into his car i done another 3 laps and called it a day.

    moral to the story is, i have finaly learnt to relax, not think to hard, and look at where i am going not at the road 2 feet in front of me, which is where i was looking when i came of the bike last.

    i have also learnt to lean down a little and not sit bolt upright and the bike just flows....

    anyway off to take a pic of my boot :)
  2. Now you have to lift your boot so your toe is on the peg, and get your inside sholder down further and then you will stop grinding your boots and corner even better for the experiance
  3. ummmm maybe after i come down from the high it gave me..... but yes i would like to corner like the pro's oneday right down but i think it might have to wait untill the bike grows up, the little 125 only has a small portion of the tyre on the road and 80% of the tyre is all wall ? dont feel like comming off again.... but i suppose sliding off at slow speed is the preffered method...
  4. +1 You need to get the balls of your feet on the pegs. :D
  5. dont scrap boots. they are expensive. knee sliders much cheaper. unless you have aldi boots. they are about the same price as knee sliders.
  6. My Mum used to say: small things amuse small minds.
  7. and i guess a diamond is a girls best friend..
  8. Gee bit harsh that.

    Good onya for doing it and enjoying being able to turn right :D
  9. Awwww everyone is so positive.
  10. Many years ago and in another country, I once lapped a roundabout several times, completely sideways, on my old, post-apocalyptic sidecar outfit, whilst failing to clock the police car waiting quietly down a dark sidestreet, with the occupants observing every move, alerted by the howl of the rusty, hollow 4-1 at 10,000 rpm. They let me go unmolested, obviously too incompetent to realise that such hoonish behaviour will lead to the collapse of civilisation as we know it. :grin:
  11. :bolt: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. id laugh if you went from a CBR125 to 1000.

    it would be a stack on takeoff i recon.

    hahahaha :LOL: :LOL: :twisted:
  13. Ignore the stupid posts, listen to the ones about foot positioning.
    Some of us understand, hell even the cop understood. I'll always remember the first time I scraped parts of my gpx250. People never forget the first time they drag a knee, and so on. There are some who will never understand though.

    Take it easy and watch out for all the oil and crap around roundabouts.

    You just stick to your gn250 and stay away from Putty Road.
  14. I wouldn't worry if I was you ( bout the tyres ). If the CBR150 ( essentially the same bike as yours ) 'MRRDA' kids can get their knees down and have both wheels sliding, I'd say you've got a long way to go before you find the limits of the tyres.
  15. That was to stop you touching yourself.
  16. Good stuff Adrian, sounds like your lucky the cop had a good sense of humour though.
  17. Adrian the most important fact here is that you learned something.

    Don't dangle your feet, as previously stated balls of the feet on the pegs and the three Ps (Practice, Practice, Practice.)

    If I had to write up all the stuff ups I have made over the years it would be larger than a Harry Potter novel.

    And I am still here.
  18. +1

    And never, ever, go hard if there are cars anywhere nearby. They might miss your blinker and come out in front of you as you corner, as happened to me several years back.

    But congrats on the big grin...and keep it going. :)


    Trevor G
  19. [​IMG]
  20. First time I scraped my boot it scared the shit out of me XD

    Now I try to ride like others have said when cornering, balls of the feet on pegs.