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Finaly, got a ZZR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ushario, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Well, its actually been a week since I got it, I've been umm...busy.
    Its a red ZZR and I picked it up pretty cheap. :cool:

    So far Ive locked the rear in the wet, on the way home after buying it, came into a round about and thought I was a bit hot. I used the rear brake and locked it but did exactly what my reactions told me to and survived.

    Ive had a 4wd try to kill me as well, tried to push me out of my lane while LOOKING at me. Directly at me with eye contact. I know he was because of the look on his face when I gave him the finger :LOL:

    I did a run up cotter road last sat, 3rd day owning the bike. I managed to scare myself but learned a lot about handling the bike thanks to the group I rode out with. All I can say is that doing something like this is a MUST. You will not regret getting experienced and sensible riders to help you practice before facing heavy traffic.

    All in all its been an awesome week and I look forward to many many more days spent on my bike. Thanks to all who helped me with my questions before I got my bike, and also to those who put up with me! :LOL:

  2. Congrats Ushario on your 250ZZR.

    Got my ZZR just a few weeks ago and really starting to enjoy it. Tho I can see myself outgrowing it really quickly. Bugga still on L's, and then the P restriction for 12 more months, lol.

    Kinda used to the power my Supra delivers on two turbos.

    Oh well, least I got some time to plan my bike upgrade :grin:

    Take care out in the jungle and practice stuff in a quiet area away from traffic. Helped me a lot with learning the handling, controls etc before facing the real world.
  3. Haha sounds very much like my first week of riding.

    Good to see another Canberra learner on the road. When you get closer to your P's test PM me and I can come give you a hand practicing for the test. I've got cones and everything.
  4. Awesome man. I'm really interested in getting an 06' ZZR (preferably in blue, lol).
  5. Nahhh

    You'll get over the outgrowing feeling.

    I love my ZZR, and can show the other guys how it's done

    You have to thrash it, and lean heaps and get the knee down/ass off side of seat

    Make sure you've got a good set of tires, and remove the centerstand. but you should really give it a go, when you've been riding for long enough :D

    I can't wait to get my new bike though...
  6. i have the 02 zzr in the blue / silver i love it
  7. +1 on leaning off alot, getting nice tyres and ripping off the damn centrestand.
  8. Whats the point in removing the centre stand? Just for looks?
  9. Whats the point in removing the centre stand? Just for looks?
  10. Gives a little more ground clearance if you're really hammering it. I never saw the point but I'm a fogey.