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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aaahhh, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Finally at the ripe old age of 47 I am riding. Did the Stay Upright at Botany Sat and Sun, passed the DKT Mon, spent all afternoon and evening riding. Bit rusty at times but overall very pleased with where I am at. Kept it local (Sandringham NSW) at first then gradually ventured out through the back of Rockdale and then out to Miranda, bit windy over the Taren Point Bridge and no rain. It was a good day......

  2. Congrats! Nothing quite like that first time out on a bike by yourself. Welcome to NR!
  3. I returned to bikes at 47 years young after a long hibernation...

    Congratulations and welcome to the fraternity :)
  4. Congrats, you'll have a great time. As a late comer to riding myself I can say there'll probably be a point where you'll regret wasting all these years that you could have been riding. Put it quickly behind you and clear your head with a nice long ride.

    best of luck - PS what bike did you get?
  5. I got my learners at age 50. I just wish I had done it earlier, but Im making up for lost time now. Welcome to NR.
  6. Good on ya!
    I was 45 myself after hankering after a bike since I was 16!!
    Welcome aboard!
  7. haha, anotherone here....
    Started Dec last year at 47...
    24000k done and looking forward to my next million k's......

    Oh by the way, welcome to our world!
  8. A-ha!

    You have the 'bug' now

  9. bought a Honda VTR 250. Overwhelmingly recommended as a first bike. No denying it after my first day out, perfect fit.

    thanks for the welcomes, much appreciated
  10. The VTR250s are nice little bikes. Unfortunately I didn't fit on one and as such ended up with the CB400. Good luck with it :)
  11. welcome to the roads, just watch out for some of the extremely dubious drivers in the lower part of the Shire :LOL:
  12. Welcome!
    Me, I am 42 and have only just got my learners. Seems to be a common theme hey?
  13. Yeah, you old people are invading...


    Nice bike.
  14. Who ya callin' old!
  15. I got my Learners this year at the age of only 44. Looks like I'm one of the youngsters around here ;)

    Welcome to the forummm
  16. Apparently half the forum.

    At 21 I thought I was way behind the class and thought everyone got their Ls at 16.

    Truth is, riding a motorbike is a midlife crisis thing now. Every gets depressed when they hit 45 and decide to go get their Ls o_O

    What is up with that.
  17. No problem... I "redid" my license @47 (stupid RTA with losing my records from the '80s) as my g/friend decided she wanted to venture into the world of two wheels. Couldn't let her have all the fun could I?
  18. Congrats
    Me to, back after 30 years.
  19. just clicked over 1000k's, Man I love this. When too much is barely enough
  20. Get to 40 and you won't be asking.....