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Finally ventured out of my comfort zone today...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MadAzz300, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. ... and got lost.

    But for the first time in my life - I enjoyed not knowing where I was going!

    I did stall at the lights (and missed the full green - which wasnt long anyway), but I didn't panic *happy days!*
    All the advise I've gotten and read from here came flooding back and success - off again!

    Ended up being 55 kms from home - the biggest distance so far (not much I know, but hey - baby steps right?)

    Found some nice windy roads and got to practice finding the apex, looking where I wanted to go etc, etc, etc ... oh, and some countryside out back of my suburb - hey, who knew? :) Saw some places I'll stop into on my next adventure (once I get and alarm etc for my bike)...

    Short stop on the side of the road - checked my GPS, got my bearings and voila - I'm home! Trip meter reading 127 kms (just under what Ive been riding in a week going back and forth to work)

    So again, thank you NR and all.

    Enjoyment and happiness - such good feelings to have (y)

    Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

    Cheers, Lee
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  2. Thanks for your post Lee, new riders finding their way and moving from the, this is terrifying, to this is enjoyable phase always brings a smile. So, group rides next? :)
  3. I don't think stalling itself is really that bad a mistake. Noobs might be the only ones that really stall bikes, but I think there are much worse noobish dangerous things out there (Actually, the other day I saw a guy with a pillion passenger (should be experienced, yes?) stall his ninja). Most of the time when people stall, it's when they are taking off from lights and the sudden loss of power isn't going to lead to a hugely dangerous scenario. But, stalling might mean you aren't paying attention to riding, and you need a wake up call (unless you are REALLY learning). I think complacency is the worst driving habit people have. I've had ******** oncoming cars turn right in front of me because they were looking at something on the dashboard and not at the bloody obvious motorcycle in fornt of them. Sometimes people do these half arsed blind spot checks while they are driving, not to exclude the possibility of another motorist being in the lane next to them, but to satisfy some bizarre desire to wiggle their head, without actually making sure that nobody is where they are about to merge into. I haven't found myself being complacent on the bike (I mean, I wont be trying to do anything other than riding), but have had my mind wander if I've just got out of a lecture at uni and I am on the cusp of understanding some bizarre challenging concept and I'm sitting on a sedate speed on the road I ride on every day. I think for me at least, keeping a clear head, scanning and paying attention are the best pieces of advice I give myself, and sometimes I need to remind myself to do these things, especially when I'm sitting on a sedate speed limit.
  4. Hi Chris,

    Yes, I would love to go for a group ride. My main problem at the moment is having to get to Homebush this coming Sat to get my bike serviced. I was going to chuck it on the back of our ute (wimpy I know... gotta HTFU :-w) but now it's broken down. So I've got no chioce to get there on my bike.

    Hey Magin,

    Thanks for the advise! Yes, I really am learning (3 weeks new).

    Really? I hope this guys isn't a noob trying to ride a TT race!
    TT Races Bike Stall at Start of Race 2012

    I realised what I did anyway, and yes, it was a momentary lapse - I was thinking about the new roads I was travelling on and didn't kick down to first when I stopped .. doh! 2 weeks ago I didn't know what to do when I stalled and panic set in making it worse. But yesterday I was able to think rationally, go through the motions without panic and restarted.

    I make sure I am very aware of the traffic around me and have had quite a few drivers start to come out half way into my lane off side streets or turn in front from the right.

    Yesterday for example, a bus was turning into a side street (off the main road). As that was happening I also caught a glimpse of a car coming down the street. Because of everything we were told at stay upright and from what I've read here about buffering, as soon as I saw the bus turn signal, I moved into the far right of the right lane, and *suprise* the cager decided to come out before the bus had finished its turn (I couldn't see him). He was 3/4 into the left lane before he saw me (or looked in my general direction anyway).
  5. I forgot to mention... I'm a noob myself (maybe 4 months, 8000 km) so take any advice with a grain of salt!
  6. Good for you, I have been doing pretty much the same thing. Friends and family think I'm mad because it's so cold at night but hey I'm having fun and gaining more experiance:D.
  7. Good stuff! Adrenaline is a powerful thing... I only notice the cold in my fingers from holding on too tight :p
  8. Gr8 stuff Lee...=D>

    A favourite ride of mine is to ' Just head in a general direction' (yep, I even do this with a compass, sometimes) to explore the country side, I will ride all day, then either camp or pub-stay the night, then weave my way home the next day.

    Once headed off from Wagga Wagga, and found myself in Mt Gambier, SA.

    Downside is.... I can never replicate where I have been...

    but I have found fantastic places and people along the way.

    Keep up the good work, take a few pictures... then post up a ride report :applause:

  9. What.

    Time to halve your dose, WallOfTextMan...
  10. nice one! Seems like you have been tearing it up

    feel lucky that you don't have to ride through/ in the city for ages just to get somewhere nice to ride!!
  11. Sounds awesome Dobbo :) Take me with you? [-o< I'm sure my other half would be fine with it... :-s

    I would love to join these fellas one day in QLD

    -The MadAss Tip Trippers -
    if they still meet up that is (tho they're on the 50cc version) what a trip that would be ... and the pictures I could take :)

    Hey NiteKreeper :)

    (note to self: do not, I repeat do NOT take a gulp of coffee when reading posts in NR... laughing with a mouthful = keyboard with a caffeine hit!)

    Yeah, suburbia (hmmm.. that doesnt look like it's spelled right ..meh..) anyway.. the 'burbs are enough for me. I give big credit to all who ride in the city... don't know how you do it! Maybe you can move out of the big smoke one day so you have more time to ride free :)
  12. Alright, I googled "Wall of Text" and now understand what you mean. I'll have to keep an eye out for that!