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Finally upgraded from an '89 CBR250RR to an '08 GSX650F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by friction, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. And damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

    Plans for the future:

    - IXIL silencer, black, 470mm (full length)
    - Mirrors with LED indicators
    - Flush LED front indicators
    - Blue backlight on instrument panel
    - Fender eliminator inc new tail light
    - Soft panniers
    - Tank bag

    Attached Files:

  2. Nice!!!

    Mine is due to arrive this Wednesday, and it is identical to yours, even down to the luggage rack! I can't wait until it gets here....

    I plan to remove the rack as soon as I get the bike, and just put it back on if going on a touring trip. Also plan a new exhaust and a tinted screen. Where are you looking at to get the fender eliminator? I emailed one place but they don't do them for this bike.
  3. First thing is get some red rim stickers ..breaks the all black bike up abit.

    Mine is on the left ,
    I also painted the air ducts red .
    Changed the handle bars to Renthal untra low.
    Carbon side panels.
    Pilot road 2 tyres.
    Cut rear fender.
    Custom Red rego plate.
    Black red grips.
    Carbon bar ends.
    Red stand spools.
    Carbon tank pad.
    Carbon heel guards.
    Oxford mini indicators front and rear.
    Givi hard touring top case....fully removed or added in 10 minutes.
    Bar risers for touring..fitted in 10 minutes.
    Next is .
    Pazzo levers .
    Braided brake lines.
    Paint screen red.
    New pipe ...not sure what one but a legal one...I get pulled over every 2 weeks from RTB and the bike checked over.:-s
    16 front sproket.
  4. Nice.

    Lose the side reflector at the top of the wheel while you're at it, I've been meaning to get rid of mine - dinky!

    Also need to swap out the antennae indicators with something flush, with LED mirrors so the people in front can see you indicating.
  5. Hi, please keep this thread up to date with the mods as you go. My black k9 is due in the next 14 days.

    Certainly interested straight up on the indicators you suggested and for the same reasons since I am commuting daily. Maybe an option to get a group buy discount? 3 is always better than 1. Anyway, if interested please PM me

    Hey Sleddog, what bike were you riding in 2006? we went on some rides together I am sure. I was on a red VFR800 VTEC.

    Regards, Nick
  6. First bike was a GS500F and then a M50 cruiser.
    I remember your name from here .

    Check out gsx650f.biz forum ....heaps of info and mods for our bike.

    Friction ,I have put a camera on the bike where the reflector is ,I used a small L braket and a screw into where the reflector went cost $3.
  7. My new (2nd hand) black GSX650F arrived last Thursday. I had no time to ride it, etc on Thursday as I had to come home from work for the interstate carrier to deliver it and I was having Friday off work so had a pile to do.

    Got the RWC for it on Friday morning before I went away, and the rego was done today. So I am all good to go now.

    I spent a good number of hours on Monday afternoon washing it and polishing it, and it is looking pretty good. Hopefully in the next month or so I will have have the funds to purchase the Yoshi TRC carbon fibre pipe and a tinted screen. On the couple of very short rides I have had I am really happy with it, it is great to ride, has ample power for me, looks pretty good and feels a lot more refined the my previous GS500F.

    As a sidenote, the bike was transported from Brisbane to my door in Melbourne by Bikes Only. I could not be happier with them, excellent service, arrived when they said it would, great to deal with. Brisbane Motorcycles in Windsor I wasn't so happy with. When I purchased the bike it was a bit dusty/dirty and needed a clean and light detail. I was assured this would be done before it was collected by Bikes Only. Even when there was a weeks delay (not caused by Bikes Only) in the collection I spoke with Brisbane Motorcycles again and reminded them of the wash/detail required, etc. I was assured it was all done, looked great, etc. When the bike got here it had not been touched. When I viewed the bike in Brisbane I noted a couple of marks in the dust in hard to reach areas and they were still on it when it arrived. So much for all being done!! They also can't find the spare key for the bike that I was assured they had. It isn't so much that I had to clean it when it arrived, but the fact of being lied to when I was there and also later on the phone and the fact the knew I wasn't collecting the bike in person so they could get away with it. I have mentioned it to the sales guy I dealt with since the bike arrived, but magically now he doesn't reply to me. Will probably write a letter to the management just to voice my unhappiness.

    That all said, after a bit of time cleaning and polishing, I am really, really happy with the bike. Looks really nice, goes great... Now all I need is some decent weather to ride it!!!

    I would also love to hear of any options people know of for fender eliminatros to suit this bike. I don't want anything too illegal, just something nice and simple that won't attract the attention of the average cop driving along behind me.
  8. Holy hell that's awesome, it's like need for speed with bumper cam! You say $3, but what camera did you use?!
  9. Totally the same story with heaps of dealers. Once you sign, nothing will happen unless you force it. I've heard of people coming to pick up the bike with a bunch of promises, which of course are unfulfilled, so they've left until the promises are done. It's hard when you're excited about a new car/bike, but when they're paying to inventory something they can't sell anymore, they'll do their job.
  10. Yeah,I agree. If I was collecting the bike locally, I would have left it there until they did what they promised. Hard to do that when they arranged the transport for me and I wasn't in Brisbane to see it before it left the shop.

    But, either way, I am really happy with the bike itself, and I think it looks amazing in the black.
  11. Very nice congrats

    Stay safe
  12. Just a cheapo $100 digital ,got it at Kmart ..they work pretty good.
  13. What was the brand/model out of curiosity?
  14. Olympus ,fe220